NFL Week 17 Straight Up Betting Picks & Odds Best Games to Wager On

NFL Week 17 Straight Up Betting Picks & Odds: Best Games to Wager On

There is almost as much parity in the National Football League as there is in the NHL. When a league shows a lot of parity, it makes sense to look for straight up opportunities. This week, a few underdog options stand out big time. Check out NFL Betting Odds and picks for six terrific NFL games happening in week 17.

SU Picks For This Weekend’s NFL Games | Week 17 Betting Lines and Predictions

2022 NFL Week 17 

  • When: Thursday, Dec. 29 – Monday, Jan. 2

Carolina Panthers +140 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers -173 | Sunday, Jan. 1

Tampa Bay has struggled all season long. The Buccaneers’ offense is atrocious. The Buccaneers rallied to beat the Cardinals in their last, but the Cards are a terrible bunch.

The Panthers head to Tampa after dominating a scorching Detroit Lions squad. At the odds, Carolina is for sure worth a play.

NFL Week 17 SU Pick: Carolina Panthers +140 

Cleveland Browns +105 vs Washington Commanders -129 | Sunday, Jan. 1

Anybody who watched Cleveland struggle against a bad New Orleans Saints team in NFL Week 16 has to side with D.C.

The Browns struggled to run the ball against the Saints. Think about how difficult it will be to run against Washington’s excellent front seven? The Commanders must win to keep their playoff hopes alive. D.C. won’t disappoint.

NFL Week 17 SU Pick: Washington Commanders -129 

Jacksonville Jaguars -224 vs Houston Texans +178 | Sunday, Jan. 1

The Jaguars are on a 3-game winning streak, which makes sense because Trevor Lawrence is playing like he’s Joe Burrow’s twin. Lawrence has been unstoppable. 

The Jags’ defense is also playing great. The Texans are a hard-trying bunch, but Jacksonville can feel the AFC South Division title in their grasp. 

NFL Week 17 SU Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars -224 

Miami Dolphins +128 vs New England Patriots -156 | Sunday, Jan. 1

There are a couple of reasons Miami is on a 4-game losing streak. First, the Dolphins started to play much tougher opponents 4 games ago. 

Second, Miami can’t rush the football and the defense is terrible. So in every game, too much pressure lands on Tua. Don’t get us wrong, Tagovailoa is a good quarterback. But no quarterback in today’s NFL, not even Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, can do it all on their own. 

Bill Belichick will come up with a game plan that leads to at least 1 Tua pick. A single interception will be all New England requires to win.  

NFL Week 17 SU Pick: New England Patriots -156 

Minnesota Vikings +152 vs Green Bay Packers -187 | Sunday, Jan. 1

The Vikings remain in the running for homefield during the playoffs. They won’t after this game.

Green Bay is rolling. The Packers have won 3 straight. GB is playing excellent on both sides of the ball. We shouldn’t expect the Pack to slow down at home. So Aaron Rodgers and his mates are the pick. 

NFL Week 17 SU Pick: Green Bay Packers -187  

Buffalo Bills -114 vs Cincinnati Bengals -106 | Monday, Jan. 2

Buffalo has won 6 straight. The Bengals have won 7 in a row. Both these teams are playing excellent football.

The difference is at the quarterback position where Joe Burrow has more targets than Josh Allen. In addition, Buffalo could find it difficult to pressure the Bengals’ quarterback. Joe Cool and his team gets it done. 

NFL Week 17 SU Pick: Cincinnati Bengals -106   


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