Updated Stanley Cup Betting Odds – November 27th Edition

Written by on November 27, 2017

With roughly one-quarter of the NHL season in the books, it’s perhaps a little too early to be talking about potential Stanley Cup winners. After all, with so many games still to be played, there are going to be teams who are on top now that fall away, while others who got off to a slower start suddenly begin to put things together. Even with so much of the season still to play, based on the latest Stanley Cup betting odds, now is a good time to check out the odds to win the 2018 Stanley Cup if you are confident that one team can go on and win it all.Probably, they are only going to get worse as the season progresses, so why not get in now and lock your pick? Let’s take away too early look at the teams who may well be making a run at the Stanley Cup this season.

Updated Stanley Cup Betting Odds – November 27th Edition


NHL Stanley Cup Favorite

The favorite right now probably has to be the team that has put together the best record to this point in the season. In that case, you should be all in on the St. Louis Blues. They have amassed 35 points thus far, and are among the best in the league in goal differential at +21. Perhaps even more impressively, they have forged their way to the best record in the league despite the fact that they play in what is arguably the best division in hockey.The Blues are in the top 5 in both goals per game average and goals against per game average, but they are not very good on special teams. Both their power play and penalty kill are near the bottom of the standings, which is something that could come back to haunt them as the season progresses.

NHL Stanley Cup Smart Pick

To me, a smart pick in hockey represents one where your money goes on a team that has some sort of playoff pedigree. If you take a look at the current standings, you will see a pair of teams that fit the bill quite nicely. The Tampa Bay Lightning are at the top of the Atlantic Division and are just a point back of the St. Louis Blues for the best record in the league.The Stanley Cup Betting Odds for the Lightning are getting better and better.They also have the current points leader in the NHL in Steven Stamkos, and it can be argued that his decision to stay in Tampa has served as a catalyst for this team. The Lightning were losers in the Stanley Cup Final in 2015, and this current crop looks to be a little better than what they had back then. Definitely worth a look.Another team to look out for when choosing a smart pick is the Nashville Predators. They made it all the way to the final last season before losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and have most of their key players back this year. They are quietly going about their business, and have picked up 31 points in their first 23 games, which is why they Stanley Cup Betting Odds are increasing.

NHL Longshot Pick

If you had asked me at the start of the season who the dark horses might be this year, despite the Stanley Cup Betting Odds, I would have gone with the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. These are a pair of young teams that took major strides forward last year, and who I expected to do even better this season. The Oilers have stumbled out of the gate quite badly, but the Leafs are looking very good in the early going. If I was going to plop down some money on a team at a price, I would go with the Leafs right now.

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