You can stop the Capitals one game, but they are still dominating the season.

Updated 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Written by on March 1, 2016

The month of March has arrived. While this month is mostly known for the college basketball that is on display, do not forget the National Hockey League is still running the show as well. The National Hockey League plays all of March, and once April gets here, it’s time to gear your pro hockey betting skills on for the postseason. Let’s take a look at the Updated NHL Stanley Cup Odds for 2016.

Weekly Updated NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Capitals Still Favored to Win it All

Despite losing on Sunday to the Chicago Blackhawks, the Washington Capitals are still the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Washington has shown all tools needed to win the cup. Washington has a massive lead over all the rest of the Eastern Conference teams. Washington is led by Alex Ovechkin, who is 7th in the league with 58 points. The Capitals are +250 to win the Stanley Cup.

Blackhawks Second in Line

Next, of course if the defending NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks showed their power with a win over the Capitals on Sunday. Chicago leads the Western Conference, by just a single point over the Dallas Stars, and 2 over the St. Louis Blues. The Blackhawks have the best offensive player in the game. Patrick Kane is running away with the points title, as he has 84 on the season. The Blackhawks are +500 to win the Stanley Cup.

Dallas Stars Decent Favorites to Win the Stanley Cup

Next on the list is the Dallas Stars, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin have been fantastic for Dallas, with a combined 138 points. The Stars have from start to finish been one of the best teams in all of the National Hockey League. Dallas will need to shore up their defense, and they will be a massive threat to win the 2016 Stanley Cup. The Dallas Stars are listed at +700 to win the Stanley Cup.
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Other Odds to Win it all in the NHL

Next on the list is the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings are led by great goaltending and tough defenders. The Los Angeles Kings are listed at +800 to win the Stanley Cup. There are three more teams on the list to win the 2016 Stanley Cup. The Florida Panthers, the St. Louis Blues and the Anaheim Ducks are all three listed at +1200.Florida is leading the Atlantic Division. The Panthers are coming off a road loss in Minnesota, but overall have been outstanding. No one offensive player stands alone for the Panthers, as they are a team offensive unit. The St. Louis Blues are also +1200, but stand no chance if they cannot figure out a way to score more consistently. The Blues have also been riddled by injuries all season long. Last on the list of three is the Anaheim Ducks. Following a slow start, the Ducks have moved within reach of winning the Pacific Division. The Ducks are a team that is scary, because of how well they are playing.Other notable teams include: Tampa Bay Lightning +1400, New York Rangers +1400, San Jose Sharks +1800 Boston Bruins +1800, Detroit Red Wings +2000, New York Islanders +2000.There is a look at the Updated NHL Stanley Cup Odds for 2016!