2022 MLB Playoffs Odds and Predictions: Teams to Make the Postseason

2022 MLB Playoffs Odds and Predictions: Teams to Make the Postseason

We have almost reached the month of September and the playoff races throughout the league are starting to take shape. Betting on teams to make the playoffs has been an option throughout the year, but now the odds have been adjusted a bit. 

Things can change quickly in the month of September and there is still some time for a team to make a run. You will want to keep a close eye on these betting odds every single day as there will likely be a slight change based on the outcomes. 

Here is a look at the odds for teams to make the playoffs in 2022. Let’s take a closer at them so you can place your bets against the MLB Playoffs Odds.

Odds For Teams to Make the 2022 Playoffs | MLB Betting Analysis

Several Teams Are Locks

None of the playoff spots have been clinched yet, but that will likely change during the first week of September. Even if there haven’t been any clinching celebrations yet, there are some teams that appear to be absolute locks to reach the playoffs. 

Here are some of the teams that are going to be in the field:

There are also those teams on the other side of this that have absolutely no shot of getting into the postseason in 2022. These teams will start to be eliminated soon, and you won’t want to mess with these odds for teams to miss the postseason.

AL Wild Card Race is Tight

There is some serious drama in the AL Central Division, but it’s a battle of three teams that aren’t very good. The best race to follow in the AL is the Wild Card race as there are plenty of teams that still have a shot. 

There could be four teams from the AL East Division that make the playoffs as three teams are in the Wild Card hunt. Here are some of the best odds to focus on for AL teams:

NL Starting to Take Shape

There doesn’t appear to be a ton of drama in the National League heading into September as the playoff teams appear to be set. Some of the division races could still shift slightly, but the seven playoff teams are pretty easy to figure out. 

A team like the St. Louis Cardinals are now at -1600 to reach the playoffs in 2022, but they weren’t in first place until a few weeks ago. Milwaukee has seen the odds head in the other direction as they are now at +105 to reach the playoffs. 

The NL East is likely going to get three teams in the postseason in 2022 as the Philadelphia Phillies are set to join the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves


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