NFL Power Rankings Betting Analysis for Week 9 of the 2022-23 Season

NFL Power Rankings Betting Analysis for Week 9 of the 2022-23 Season

Written by on November 2, 2022

The top three teams on last week’s NFL Power Rankings have maintained their status. Philly continues to roll through opponents, Josh Allen and the Bills don’t remember what it feels like to lose, and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs got to rest up for their Sunday night matchup against Derrick Henry and the Titans. Check out the latest NFL Power Rankings after a scintillating Week 8 so you can continue betting against the NFL Lines

2022 NFL Power Rankings Betting Update After Week 8

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

NFL Power Rankings Heading Into Week 9

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 7-0 – Philly is 6-1 against the spread. With that being written, don’t dump on the Eagles to cover, or even win, against Houston on Thursday night. Every team has a bad game once in a while.
  2. Buffalo Bills 6-1 – The Bills added to Green Bay’s woes. On Sunday, Buffalo takes on an inspired Jets team that knows they should have beaten New England in week 8.  
  3. Kansas City Chiefs 5-2 – KC’s destruction of the 49ers in week 7 impressed big time. The Titans are 5-1 ATS in the last 6, though. So consider the trends before laying the -10.5 on Patrick and his buds.
  4. Minnesota Vikings 6-1 – Minnesota deserves this ranking but the Vikings might fall after Sunday if Taylor Heinicke continues to provide magic in D.C. 
  5. Tennessee Titans 5-2 – Which team is the hottest in the NFL after the Eagles? Yep. The Titans. Tennessee started the season 0-2 and are now 5-2.
  6. Dallas Cowboys 6-2 – Dallas scored 49 points against a Bears’ team coming off an upset victory over the Patriots. Not only that, but Zeke was on the sidelines. So, yeah, the Boys are for real.
  7. Seattle Seahawks 5-3 – Geno Smith won’t win the MVP because he doesn’t throw for enough yards or touchdowns. All Geno does is lead his team to wins. This time, the win came over the rival Arizona Cardinals.
  8. New York Giants 6-2 – It was a matter of time before the Giants lost their second game of the season. Geno Smith and the Seahawks are as solid as it gets. So losing to Seattle is no big deal.
  9. Baltimore Ravens 5-3 – John Harbaugh traded for former Georgia standout linebacker and Chicago Bear Roquan Smith. With Roquan playing in the front seven, the Ravens D will catch up to the offense. 
  10. New York Jets 5-3 – If not for 3 Zach Wilson interceptions, the Jets may have beaten the Pats. Wilson and the J-E-T-S have a shot to make up for the loss against Josh Allen and the Bills on Sunday.
  11. Miami Dolphins 5-3 – Tua is back and so is the Fins’ offense. If newly acquired DE Bradley Chubb dominates, the Dolphins should go on a winning streak.
  12. Los Angeles Chargers 4-3 – The Bolts got a much needed week off. The Chargers should be ready to prove they’re a playoff team starting this Sunday against the Falcons in Atlanta.
  13. San Francisco 49ers 4-4 – San Francisco running back Christian McCaffrey dominated a lackluster Rams’ defense. If Christian plays like that on a consistent basis, watch out.
  14. Cincinnati Bengals 4-4 – After a couple of fantastic performances, the Bengals laid an egg versus the rival Browns. What happened? Who knows? Heading into the game, Cincinnati had gone 12-3 ATS in the last 15 head-to-head contests.
  15. New England Patriots 4-4 – New England bounced back from the Monday night blowout loss to Chicago with a nice 22-17 win over the rival Jets. To be fair, Zach Wilson was a huge help in getting the Pats the victory.  
  16. Atlanta Falcons 4-4 – The Southern Birds are atop the NFC South. Marcus Mariota and his mates can’t rest on their laurels. The Bucs and Saints are just a game behind. 
  17. Washington Commanders 4-4 – In Taylor the Commanders trust. Heinicke is 2-0 this season. He has a chance to take D.C. above .500 on Sunday if Washington can upset the Vikings.
  18. Los Angeles Rams 3-4 – Maybe, Los Angeles isn’t very good. The Rams had no answer for McCaffrey in the loss to the rival 49ers. On offense, LAR doesn’t seem to have it and now Cooper Kupp is banged up. 
  19. Indianapolis Colts 3-4-1 – Frank Reich has lost control. On Wednesday morning, Reich handed Colts’ offensive coordinator Marcus Brady his walking papers. Indy’s struggles aren’t all Brady’s fault but Reich and the Colts are desperate.
  20. Arizona Cardinals 3-5 – Arizona had no business losing to the Vikings. Mental errors will get you every time. When your quarterback is the one making the most mental errors, a loss is imminent. 
  21. New Orleans Saints 3-5 – The Saints’ defense held Derek Carr and the Raiders to 0 points in an impressive 24-0 victory. Don’t expect a similar effort on Monday night against Lamar and the Ravens. New Orleans has a good defense, but the Saints don’t possess enough speed on D to stop Jackson.
  22. Green Bay Packers 3-5 – The Packers lost their fourth straight game. Before jumping on Rodgers and his team against a fifth straight loss, realize the Lions average 24.7 points each game and the Packers score 18 each contest. 
  23. Cleveland Browns 3-5 – Cleveland put it all together against the Bengals in a fantastic performance. We’ll see if the Browns can keep it up after their week 9 bye.
  24. Chicago Bears 3-5 – We had to expect the Bears to bounce after the game against the Patriots. But wow. Giving up 49 points is bad. It will be interesting to see how the defense plays now that both Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith are with different teams.
  25. Denver Broncos 3-5 – Denver broke a losing streak with a nice 21-17 win against Jacksonville. By no means does the victory imply the Broncos can pick thigs up from here. 
  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-5 – Like the Rams, maybe, Tampa just isn’t very good. TB lost their third straight. At least the Buccaneers were competitive versus a good team, Baltimore.
  27. Las Vegas Raiders 2-5 – The Raiders got nothing going against the Saints. Las Vegas heads to Jacksonville this week a slight favorite. Vegas could struggle against the Jags’ pass rush.
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-6 – Jacksonville is on a 5-game losing streak. The Jags are as bad as ever. Still, they might find a way to grab a win versus the equally lousy Raiders.
  29. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-6 – The Steelers next game is on Nov. 13 versus the Saints. Beating New Orleans won’t be easy. So there’s a real chance of the Steelers going 2-7 in their first 9 games.
  30. Carolina Panthers 2-6 – The Panthers play hard but playing hard doesn’t matter in the NFL. This time, Carolina allowed the Falcons to tie the game in regulation and then win it in overtime. 
  31. Houston Texans 1-5-1 – The Texans are a bad football team. The tie is why the Texans are ahead of Detroit.
  32. Detroit Lions 1-6 – The team with the worst record in the league deserves to be last place on the power rankings. It’s that simple. 

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