NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News Deshaun Watson Must Face Lawsuits, Kyler Murray Skips OTAs

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Deshaun Watson Must Face Lawsuits, Kyler Murray Skips OTAs

Like what happens every week of the year, big time NFL news happened last week. One of the most important trades in NFL history is already turning out to be a big time bust while a top NFC contender may be on the lookout for a starting quarterback. Check out the latest news in what’s been a crazy NFL offseason so you can keep planning your bets against the NFL Odds.  

NFL Rumors, Trades, Free Agents & Betting News | June 1st Edition

2022-2023 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

Lawsuit 24 lands on Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson must now face a twenty-fourth lawsuit. It’s becoming apparent that even if Commissioner Roger Goodell wants Watson to play, he’s an NFL pariah.

In this day and age, innocent until proven guilty doesn’t mean as much as it used to mean. The thing about it is that the NFL wants to show they’re not an exclusive sport.

Inclusion means hearing women and listening when they say players like Deshaun acted inappropriately. So whether Deshaun is guilty or innocent may have nothing to do with it.

It’s getting to the point where Goodell may have to suspend Watson. He suspended Adrian Peterson for a year for hitting his kid with a switch. Deshaun has 24 lawsuits against him.   

Are the Saints in the market for Baker Mayfield?

The latest rumor has the New Orleans Saints looking to make a trade for Baker Mayfield. Although there is almost always some truth to every NFL rumor, we shouldn’t read too much into this one.

The last thing New Orleans wants to do is sign a turnover machine. Baker has a reputation for being a bad locker room presence. 

Fair or not, that’s the rep he’s got. So New Orleans will stick with the calmer locker room presence, Jameis Winston. 

Not only that, but the rumors regarding Baker being traded at all may be unfounded. If Goodell does suspend Deshaun, and it’s difficult to see him doing anything else, then the Browns will be happy Mayfield continues to play for them, bad locker presence or not. 

Washington Commanders’ new stadium will have just 55,000 seats

Washington’s new proposed stadium will seat just 55,000. The Commanders are obviously doing this so that they can raise ticket prices.

The less available seats means ticket prices will go through the roof. We know a few Washington fans. So no matter the price, those fans will pay it. Another reason?

Smaller stadium means a more cohesive fan base. Fans that follow their teams to rival venues can’t afford to pay higher ticket prices as often has home fans. 

With Kyler Murray missing OTAs, it’s obvious Kyler and the Cards will be parting ways after this season, or . . . before this season?

Kyler Murray decided to skip Arizona OTAs. That’s a terrible sign for the upcoming season because DeAndre Hopkins must miss the first four games.

Murray is dejected because his game fell apart towards the end of last season. What happened is that defenses adjusted and Kyler didn’t. The fact he’s not taking it upon his shoulders to better himself is a sign that both Kliff Kingsbury’s and Kyler Murray’s days are numbered.

Arizona’s schedule is ridiculous. The Cardinals should start the season losing 4 of their first 5 and 6 of their first 8. AZ had better consider putting Kyler on the trading block before things really go south.  


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