2022 NFL Season Wins Totals to Must Bet On Ten Picks to Choose From

2022 NFL Season Wins Totals to Must Bet On: Ten Picks to Choose From

We are still a couple of days away from the official release of the 2022 NFL regular season schedule, but that doesn’t me we can’t start thinking about what teams might do this coming season. Most of the big free agents have now landed in their new homes and we also know how each and every team made out in the draft. In short, we have a relatively good idea of how each team is going to look heading into the new season, but until we see the full schedule, it’s tough to start making serious predictions about how many games each will win. We will do a more in-depth look at the win total predictions a little later, but for now, we can talk about things to look for when making those wagers against the NFL Team Totals odds.

10 NFL Regular Season Win Total Predictions You Can Bet With Confidence

The first thing that needs to be done is to evaluate the moves that each team made in the offseason. Did those moves strengthen the team or were they made to cut salary and potentially signal a rebuild? There are always teams at the opposite end of the scale, while several others float in the middle of the pack and are somewhat more difficult to predict. There are, though, usually a couple of totals that jump off the page as a bargain when the bookies finally release their totals and odds.

The question now is when to place your win total wagers. There are many bettors who like to get in early, especially when they spot those teams that the bookies may have potentially over or undervalued. For others, it’s all about waiting until closer to the end of training camp and the preseason, at which point the win totals become set in stone. The benefit of waiting is that you get to see any injuries that might well negatively impact a team. We see those types of injuries every year, and we cannot deny them playing a role in how we bet the win totals.

Another thing to look for in current trends for each team. For example, has a team in rebuild mode been making steady progress over the past 2-3 seasons and perhaps ready to take a step forward in 2022. Similarly, are there previously good teams on the slide and in a position where they have an aging squad or the loss of a couple of big names in the offseason that might see them slide further down the pack? The moves every team made in the offseason will help dictate whether those trends continue in either direction.

Finally, another great thing to look at is the strength of the division that each team plays in. After all, they will all have 6 games against divisional foes, and a strong team in a weak division will almost certainly be able to rack up wins against those rivals. Similarly, the overall strength of schedule needs to be looked at before making a win total wager. Even a good team might have a problem hitting double-digit wins if they have a tough 17-game schedule ahead of them. These are just a few things to consider before making those win total wagers for the 2022 NFL season.


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