2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Review: Day 8.

2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Review: Day 8

Written by on June 22, 2018

Day 8 of the 2018 World Cup in Russia saw the continuation of Matchday 2 in the group stage. Group C and Group D were the focus here, with the big question heading into the day being whether Messi and Argentina would finally take flight. As always with the second batch of games, we also had situations were teams could book safe passage, while others needed a win to stay alive. There were a lot of questions answered on Day 8, and not all of the answers made MyBookie Sportsbook football fans from certain parts of the world particularly happy.

2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Review: Day 8

Denmark 1 – 1 Australia

Game Stats

  • Attempts: Denmark 10 / Australia 14
  • On-Target: Denmark 5 / Australia 5
  • Off-Target: Denmark 5 / Australia 5
  • Blocked: Denmark 0 / Australia 4
  • Woodwork: Denmark 0 / Australia 0
  • Corners: Denmark 3 / Australia 5
  • Off-sides: Denmark 1 / Australia 0
  • Possession: Denmark 49 / Australia 51
Denmark was well aware that they were on to the next round with a win here, and they came into this game as the favorites. The Danes started very well and were great value for their opening goal, which came off the boot of Christian Eriksen. Rather than settling the team down, though, Denmark became a little more reserved after that, allowing the Aussies to take control of the game. Perhaps the Danes were looking to sit on their lead, but that seldom works at this level of football.

Whatever the case, they were eventually punished, with Australia equalizing from the spot for the second straight game. It was Australia who created the better chances during the remainder of the game, but we got no further scoring. We had a draw on the moneyline at odds of +235, a PUSH on the goals total, and the underdog covering the spread.

Next Games (Tuesday, June 26th)

  • Australia vs. Peru
  • Denmark vs. France

France 1 – 0 Peru

Game Stats

  • Attempts: France 12 / Peru 10
  • On-Target: France 4 / Peru 2
  • Off-Target: France 6 / Peru 6
  • Blocked: France 2 / Peru 2
  • Woodwork: France 0 / Peru 1
  • Corners: France 5 / Peru 3
  • Off-sides: France 0 / Peru 1
  • Possession: France 44 / Peru 56
One of the biggest trends that we have seen at this World Cup is the favorites to win the tournament either struggling badly or winning without really impressing. France is very much in the latter category, although they are now through to the next round after winning both of their games thus far. They were more than a little fortunate to get the win here, though, with the Kylian Mbappe goal one of the few real attacking efforts they put forth.

You really need to feel some level of sympathy for Peru. They have been one of the most entertaining teams to watch at this tournament, yet they will be going home after their final group game. It has been their lack of scoring punch in front of goal that has been their downfall. France won at odds of -178, we went under on the goal total, and we also had a PUSH on the spread.

Next Games (Tuesday, June 26th)

  • Australia vs. Peru
  • Denmark vs. France

Argentina 0 – 3 Croatia

Game Stats

  • Attempts: Argentina 10 / Croatia 15
  • On-Target: Argentina 3 / Croatia 5
  • Off-Target: Argentina 3 / Croatia 6
  • Blocked: Argentina 4 / Croatia 4
  • Woodwork: Argentina 1 / Croatia 1
  • Corners: Argentina 5 / Croatia 2
  • Off-sides: Argentina 3 / Croatia 3
  • Possession: Argentina 58 / Croatia 42
While not officially eliminated, Argentina is now very much on the brink after they were thumped by Croatia in their second game of the tournament. The final score was not at all flattering to Croatia, as they were full value for the win. The pressure appears to have officially gotten to Messi and this squad, as the body language of this team was tough to watch. Messi spent much of the game looking frustrated and moving around the field with shoulders slumped in surrender.

Croatia is the 2018 World Cup Betting favorite to win Group D.

Depending on how things go in the other Group D game today, Argentina could potentially still go through with a win in their final game, but it does not look promising. Croatia won as the underdog at odds of +282, and they obviously covered the spread. We went over the 2 goals in this one.

Next Games (June 26th)

  • Argentina vs. Nigeria
  • Croatia vs. Iceland

Betting on the 2018 World Cup So Far

  • Moneyline: 14-5-4 in favor of the favorites
  • Over/Under: 9-12-2
  • Spread: 7-13-3 (fav-dog-push)
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