Argentina is the 2018 World Cup Betting Favorite to Win Group D

Written by on May 30, 2018

There are several 2018 World Cup Betting favorites who have a solid pedigree in the tournament but are they the teams that are going to challenge for the trophy. There are some potential dark horses mixed in among the bunch, and we all know that at least one team usually rises each World Cup to make an unexpected run.One of the most competitive looking groups in Russia is Group D, as it features a couple of nations more than capable of playing the dark horse role. It also features a team among the favorites to win it all, just at the latest MyBookie Sportsbook Odds dictate. Let’s take a look at the Group D teams and their possibilities to advance.

Argentina is the 2018 World Cup Betting Favorite to Win Group D

  • Argentina
  • Iceland
  • Croatia
  • Nigeria
Let’s take a closer look at the 4 teams taking part in Group D.


  • 2018 World Cup Betting Odds to Win Group D: -200
Chances are good that this will be the last time we will see Lionel Messi at the peak of his powers on the world stage. Messi is currently 30 years old, and while he will likely be around 4 years from now, the feeling is that this is the best chance Argentina will have to win the World Cup.The problem that Argentina has is that there is an intense amount of pressure heaped on their shoulders. Messi is arguably the best player in the world and is surrounded by great talent, so it stands to reason that this group should win. Football has long since shown us that things rarely go as expected.


  • 2018 World Cup Betting Odds to Win Group D: +1000
This is the team that we all fell in love with during the 2016 European Championships, where they made an improbably deep run in that tournament. Things figure to be tougher this time around, mostly because they have a few key players nursing significant injuries.Iceland is a team that you write off at your own peril, though, as this is about as tight-knit a group as you will ever see. They are strong both physically and mentally, and while getting out of this group is going to be tough, they are a team that it is always tough to bet against. Their game against Croatia is likely to be critical here.


  • 2018 World Cup Betting Odds to Win Group D: +180
The Croatians are another team that always seems to perform well on the biggest stage, but who always seem to fall just short of expectations. They are a very talented bunch, but it seems as though we are always hearing about trouble with the fans, players, and their soccer federation, as their in-fighting always seems to get in the way of their success.Croatia is not the 2018 World Cup Betting favorite to win Group D.If they could remove all of that and just focus on the football, there is no reason why this team could not be looking at a potential semi-final spot. The question here is whether they will once again implode.


  • 2018 World Cup Betting Odds to Win Group D: +800
The more time you spend looking at the teams in this group, the more you realize that it may be one filled with surprises. Nigeria is a team filled with a very talented mixture of youth and experience, and they came together brilliantly to qualify for Russia in a bit of an unexpected stroll. If this team has one glaring weakness, it is at the goalkeeper position.They do not really have a legitimate #1 starter in that position, and always seem to be just one bad goal away from defeat. Nigeria is another tight-knit group, though, so this is another team not to write off too quickly.

2018 World Cup Betting Prediction for Group D

  1. Argentina
  2. Iceland
  3. Croatia
  4. Nigeria