Belgium & England are the 2018 World Cup Betting Favorites in Group G.

Belgium & England are the 2018 World Cup Favorites in Group G

Written by on May 31, 2018

When the 2018 World Cup kicks off in Russia on June 14, there will be 32 teams vying to crowned the best team in the world. While every team will be arriving in Russia feeling like the 2018 World Cup Betting favorite, the reality is that there are really only a handful of nations with a legitimate shot at becoming world champions. In Group G, there are a couple of teams who fit that bill, although both have made a habit of not really living up to their potential. The 4 teams that make-up Group G in Russia are:
  • Belgium
  • Panama
  • Tunisia
  • England
Based on the latest MyBookie Sportsbook Odds, let’s take a closer look at the 4 teams competing in Group G.

Belgium & England are the 2018 World Cup Betting Favorites in Group G

Group G Schedule

June 18

  • Belgium vs. Panama
  • Tunisia vs. England

June 23

  • Belgium vs. Tunisia

June 24

  • England vs. Panama

June 28

  • Panama vs. Tunisia
  • England vs. Belgium

Belgium -160

The general feeling in the football world is that Belgium has one of the most talented group of players to choose from right now. This group has been classified as “The Golden Generation,” yet they have routinely failed to live up to the hype. With players such as Eden Hazard, Kevin DeBruyne, and Romelu Lokaku all playing on the same team, you would expect the Belgians to be an unstoppable juggernaut.The problem is that these great individual players always seem to struggle to play together when the time comes. The core group is still relatively young, but there is a sense that the window of opportunity for Belgium will begin to close is they fail again in Russia.

Panama +3300

This will be the first ever World Cup appearance for the men from Panama, and they are here after a dramatic finish to the Hexagonal during qualifying. They capitalized on the inadequacies of the US squad, although they needed what was described as a “phantom goal” to get past Costa Rica in the final game, a win that took them to Russia.This is a tight squad made up of veteran players and exciting youngsters, but this feels more like a first step for the new group of players as opposed to anything else. Panama looks to be in tough against this lot, and are unlikely to move on.

England – EVEN

England won the World Cup back in 1966, but have spent the years between then and now trying to live up to former glories. While England has had some deeper runs in that time, they have more often than not struggled once the knockout stage begins.England is among the 2018 World Cup Betting favorites to win Group G.They have a very talented group of younger players in the squad this time around, as well as Harry Kane, one of the best strikers in the world at the moment. England really should not have any problem getting out of this group, but can they overcome the odds and make a deeper run this time around?

Tunisia +1100

The Tunisians benefitted from what was a rather week group in African qualifying, and while they ended up prevailing, they had to fight hard to move on. This is a team that can never be counted out, as they proved several times in the qualifying round, regularly coming from behind to earn valuable points.The strength of the Tunisian squad lies in the middle of the park, and it is that group of players who are going to need to slow down the big guns when they go head to head with Belgium and England. The bad news for this group is that injuries are already bogging them down, so there is a good chance they could be the whipping boys in here.

2018 World Cup Betting Prediction for Group G

  • Belgium
  • England
  • Panama
  • Tunisia