2018 World Cup Betting Preview: Group A

Written by on May 29, 2018

With the 2018 World Cup Betting action just a matter of days away, it’s about time that we started to break down each of the groups to help you with your wagering efforts over the next month. Some groups are going to be tough to call, while others look pretty cut and dried, but let’s not forget that there is a reason why these games are played. If you haven’t signed up to MyBookie sportsbook now it’s a perfect time, as Russia 2018 begins on June 14th.

2018 World Cup Betting Preview: Group A

We are going to get the ball rolling by looking at Group A, which is as follows:
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Uruguay
Let’s take a closer look at all 4 teams and their chances of moving on to the knockout stage.


If I am being honest, this is about as poor a host nation as I can remember. They were given a bit of a World Cup preview last summer when they got to host the Confederations Cup, where they were played off the park. They have been given a rather favorable draw here, but you still have to question whether they actually have what it takes to get the points they’ll need to move on.I have a feeling that this could be a rather short stint for the Russians here. They will open up the tournament on June 14 against Saudi Arabia, a game that they really should and need to win.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi’s were somewhat fortunate to land a spot in this tournament, finishing second to Japan in the qualifying group. They beat Japan, who had already qualified, in the final game of qualifying, beating out the Aussies on goal difference.It has not exactly been the best preparation for a tournament for this group, as they just hired a new coach back in November, giving him very little time to put together any sort of cohesive tactical plan. The expectation is that Saudi Arabia will simply pack the defense and hope to keep things respectable. This may not be a fun group to watch.


If you asked me a week ago about Egypt’s chances of getting out of this group and moving on to the next round, I would have said that they were quite good.Now, though, I am not so sure. It is all going to depend on the fitness of Mohammed Salah, who ended up getting injured in the Champions League Final while playing for Liverpool. Salah believes that he will be ready to go, but even if he plays, you wonder just how he will be. If Salah comes into the World Cup fully fit, I think the Egyptians have a shot at moving on.


Barring some sort of major disaster, Uruguay should be the easy winners of Group A. The reality is that the draw has been very kind to the South Americans, and with a front two of Suarez and Cavani, we could be looking at an offensive powerhouse in the group stages.Uruguay is the 2018 World Cup Betting favorite to win Group A.Their toughest game comes in the opener when they face Egypt, but again, if Salah is not there, things may be a little easier for Uruguay. This is a team with a shot at making a run to the quarter-finals, and perhaps beyond if they can shore things up on the defensive side of the football.

Group Schedule

  • 14 June
Russia vs. Saudi Arabia
  • 15 June
Egypt vs. Uruguay
  • 19 June
Russia vs. Egypt
  • 20 June
Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia
  • 25 June
Uruguay vs. RussiaSaudi Arabia vs. Egypt

2018 World Cup Betting Prediction for Group A

  1. Uruguay
  2. Egypt (if Salah is fit)
  3. Russia
  4. Saudi Arabia