Best and Worst 2018 World Cup Betting Picks.

Best and Worst 2018 World Cup Betting Picks

Written by on December 5, 2017

It has been a few days now since the draw was made for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which has given us plenty of time to reflect on each of the 32 teams taking part, and how they might do in the group stages. One thing that we did not really see this time around was a “Group of Death,” which probably has to do with 8 more nations being in the draw pots this time around. There are still some teams that are going to have a tougher road to the final than others, so let’s take a look at the best and worst 2018 World Cup betting picks.

Best and Worst 2018 World Cup Betting Picks

Tournament details

  • Host country: Russia
  • Dates: 14 June – 15 July
  • Teams: 32 (from 5 confederations)
  • Venues: 12 (11 host cities)

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Best 2018 World Cup Betting Picks


  • Current Ranking: 9
France has become known as the bridesmaids of the World Cup over the years, simply because they have always had talented squads that have failed to reach the highest heights. They have another great team this time around, with Paul Pogba pulling the strings in midfield, and Giroud and Griezmann finishing off the chances he will almost certainly create. It’s tough to view the French as a dark horse in this tournament, but that is what they are. They are my pick to win it all.


  • Current Ranking: 2
No-one has won the World Cup more than Brazil, and very teams have a more talented squad heading into the World Cup next year. The Brazilians are blessed with offensive talent, with the likes of Neymar and Gabriel Jesus having the kind of ability that can win games with a single piece of magic. As always, the Achilles heel for Brazil is going to be defense, but when you have so many guys that can stick the ball in the net, you always have a chance to win.


  • Current Ranking: 1
If you can guarantee anything prior to the start of the World Cup, it’s that Germany is going to make a deep run. They have, once again, a supremely talented squad that won the Confederation’s Cup in Russia earlier this year while fielding a team made up of mostly bench guys and fringe squad players.You should consider Germany as one of your 2018 World Cup Betting PicksThey do have a tough group that features Mexico and Sweden, but it’s a group that I still believe they will win.

Worst 2018 World Cup Betting Picks


  • Current Ranking: 65
As the hosts, the Russians found themselves in the same pot as the best teams in the world, which is certainly not where they belonged. They are in Group A with Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, which is a group that Uruguay will almost certainly top. That leaves one other spot open in there, and I think we might see Egypt get in ahead of the Russians. Egypt has a legitimate goal-scoring threat in Mohammed Salah, and that may end up being the difference.


  • Current Ranking: 4
If there is one major knock against Brazil, it is that South American teams just don’t win World Cups held in Europe. Brazil can buck that trend, but I just don’t believe that Argentina can. Sure, they will have Lionel Messi leading the way, but he simply cannot win this thing on his own. This is an Argentina side that struggled in the qualifying stage, and who got out of South America by the skin of their teeth. They will be in trouble against much better teams on the world stage.

Last 10 World Cup Winners

  • 2014: Germany
  • 2010: Spain
  • 2006: Italy
  • 2002: Brazil
  • 1998: France
  • 1994: Brazil
  • 1990: Germany
  • 1986: Argentina
  • 1982: Italy
  • 1978: Argentina