FA Cup Betting Predictions and Analysis for the 3rd Round Games

FA Cup Betting Predictions and Analysis for the 3rd Round Games

The 2022-23 FA Cup season will return with the top Premier League teams in action. Therefore, we can be sure that the action won’t be below par. The FA Cup is bringing us incredible action this third round, and we are looking at some exciting matches. As a result, we want to explore some incredible FA Cup Betting opportunities in this article. 

2022-23 FA Cup Third Round Games: Betting Opportunities

Manchester United vs Everton Goals Market

Manchester United has been in form since its return to the English Premier League. The team is yet to lose a game. On the other hand, Everton has been struggling to get three points. However, like United, Everton has been able to find the net on multiple occasions since its return to club football. 

As a result, we believe the goals market will offer excellent betting opportunities since we believe both teams have what it takes to find the net. Despite United having a solid defense, this game has the chance of ending with both teams getting a goal. Therefore, our bet for this tie would be for both teams to score. 

Crystal Palace vs Southampton Half-Time Market

Both teams haven’t done much since the return of club football. It has been a rollercoaster of results for the teams. However, one thing has been a common factor, which is half-time draws or both teams not getting a goal. Therefore, we would look to the half-time market for betting opportunities in this tie.

We believe Crystal Palace and Southampton are equally matched. Therefore, we see them holding each other to a half-time draw. As a result, if we want to make any pick for this match, we would be going with the half-time draw option. This option makes sense because we don’t see anything that will separate both teams. 

Manchester City vs Chelsea Handicap Market

Following Chelsea’s woes, the team hasn’t been performing well. They’ve struggled to win games, and as a result, they are the underdogs in this tie, and rightfully so. Manchester City has a solid team. However, this tie will be the third time they are facing the Blues. And we expect something to change.

In that case, we believe giving Chelsea a goal or two ahead will be the best betting opportunity. We don’t see Chelsea losing with a two-goal lead. Therefore, we will be going with the handicap market in this tie. 

Sheffield Wednesday vs Newcastle United Goals Market 

Newcastle United has been on a different level since the takeover. The team currently sits in the top four of the English Premier League, and there is a chance that they can challenge for the title. Newcastle United will be looking forward to winning their first trophy in many years. Therefore, the FA Cup will be an essential competition. 

However, Sheffield Wednesday is a team that knows how to break defenses and score goals. In that case, we see both teams getting a goal. So, our bets will be focused on the goals markets. We believe both teams will score three or more goals combined. 


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