NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds & Betting Analysis for the Top 5 Most Likely Matchups

NFL Super Bowl 57 Odds & Betting Analysis for the Top 5 Most Likely Matchups

Written by on July 26, 2022

We aren’t even into the preseason games yet, but ask the average football fan who they believe will be in Super Bowl 57, and you can bet that they will all have an opinion. Picking the winners of games in any given week is tough enough, but looking ahead to the end of the season and trying to determine which teams will represent their respective conferences is tougher still. Of course, there are a few teams that are going to get a lot of love based on the squads they have assembled, but as we all know, injuries and upsets happen over the course of a long season. After all, how many people outside of Ohio pegged the Cincinnati Bengals to be in the Super Bowl last season? I’m not quite ready to make my prediction for Super Bowl 57, but the bookies have their Super Bowl Odds up for potential matchups, so let’s take a look.

5 Most Likely Super Bowl LVII Matchups According to the Betting odds

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Buffalo Bills (+1400)

As we look ahead to the new season, we see that the Buffalo Bills are listed as the favorite to win the Super Bowl, so it makes sense that they will show up in these potential matchups. The bookies seem to like the idea of them facing the Buccaneers in Super Bowl 57 in what is very likely to be Tom Brady’s farewell season. The Bucs are stacked, but a new head coach and Gronk retiring has me a little nervous about their chances.

LA Rams Vs Buffalo Bills (+2000)

The move that the Rams made last offseason to land Matthew Stafford as their QB was one that reaped instant dividends. Stafford was able to steer clear of the injuries that have been an issue for most of his career, and he was nothing short of brilliant on his way to leading the Rams to a Super Bowl crown. I think we would all enjoy seeing him and Josh Allen go head-to-head.

Buffalo Bills Vs Green Bay Packers (+2000)

We know all about the Bills and how they look like a great bet to win the AFC, but what about their potential dance partners in Super Bowl 57? There are some concerns when it comes to the Packers, particularly on the offensive side of the football. Yes, they still have Aaron Rodgers leading the offense, but how will things go now that their top receiver, Davante Adams, is in Las Vegas with the Raiders? The bookies seem to believe that the Packers will be alright, as they have them among the favorites to represent the NFC.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Kansas City Chiefs (+2200)

While there are some exceptions to the rule, the team that goes on to win the Super usually always has an elite QB running the offense. We all know what Tom Brady has done over his career, but you also have to give massive props to Patrick Mahomes, as he has helped turn the Chiefs into a powerhouse. There are some who believe this team might be ready to take a backward step this season, but I’d always bet on Mahomes.

LA Rams Vs Kansas City Chiefs (+2800)

There are a few other potential matchups sitting at the same odds as this one, but I think this would be a fantastic Super Bowl 57 matchup. It very nearly happened last season, with the Chiefs falling to the Bengals in the AFC Conference Championship Game. KC has a shot at another deep run, but can they take that next step this time around?


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