2023 Big3 Week 2 Odds to Win and Betting Predictions

Big3 continues it’s 2023 season on Saturday when six of the most entertaining hoops games you’re ever going to see take place at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Check out a list of games, Big3 Tournament betting odds, analysis, and free picks for Big3 Basketball Week 2, also check out Big3 basketball odds to win the title.


2023 Big3 Week 2 Odds to Win and Betting Predictions | MyBookie Basketball Regular Season Preview

2023 Big3 Tournament Week 2
American Airlines Center • Dallas, TX
Saturday, July , 2023
CBS / Paramount+


3’s Company vs Killer 3s | Game 1

In 3’s Company’s first game of the 2023 Big3 Basketball Season, Michael Beasley, Brandon Rush, and Mario Chalmers all played great, but it wasn’t enough. Ghost Ballers beat 3’s Company 50-47.

Killer 3s also lost their first game of the season. The likely underdog in this managed just 44 points on their way to a 50-44 loss versus Tri-State. Killer 3s should have a difficult time stopping Beasley, which is why 3’s company gets the nod.

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Power vs Tri-State | Game 2

Power versus Tri-State should be one of Big3 Week 2’s top games. Both teams played excellent ball in their first game.

Tri-State leaned on Jason Richardson, who dropped 19 and grabbed 13 boards. Three players got it done for Power: Glen Rice Jr. scored 14, Akil Mitchell dropped 12, and Cutino Mobley scored 10.

If Richardson does the same thing on Saturday that he did in the first game, Tri-State will win. Power, though, showed more balance. Balance should mean something in this.  

Big3 Week 2 Pick: Power | Bet Power vs Tri-State Today
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Ball Hogs vs Enemies | Game 3

In their first game, Ball Hogs, one of the worst squads in the history of Big3 Basketball, upset one of the mid-odds choices to win the title this season.

Ball Hogs beat Aliens 50-39. The Hogs held Aliens to 17 points in the second stanza.

Enemies lost 46-52 to title chalk Trilogy in their first game. Ball Hogs will play well, but Enemies showed enough versus Big3’s top team to warrant backing

Big3 Week 2 Pick: Enemies | Bet Ball Hogs vs Enemies Today
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Trilogy vs Triplets | Game 4

Trilogy beat Enemies in their first Big3 game of the season. Triplets lost to Bivouac.

Trilogy is the chalk to win it all. Triplets is the longest shot on the board to win the Big3 title. Unless Triplets steps it up, and Trilogy takes a backward step, Trilogy should win no problem.

Big3 Week 2 Pick: Trilogy | Bet Trilogy vs Triplets Today
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3 Headed Monsters vs Bivouac | Game 5

Bivouac took it to Triplets in their first match of the year. Ah, but Bivouac only won by 4 points. Not only that, but Bivouac had to rally in the second period after falling behind by a point, 24-25 in the first.

Beating 3 Headed Monsters should be more difficult than beating Bivouac. Although Power beat 3 Headed Monsters last Sunday, the Monsters outscored Power 27-25 in the second stanza.

Kevin Murphy, Reggie Evans, and Rashard Lewis all scored in double-figures. 3 Headed Monsters bounces back with a huge win.

Big3 Week 2 Pick: 3 Headed Monsters | Bet 3 Headed Monsters vs Bivouac Today
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Ghost Ballers vs Aliens | Game 6

On paper, Ghost Ballers doesn’t look like much. But in the second half of their first game, they outscored 3’s Company 31-21.

Aliens struggled versus Ball Hogs, scoring 39 total points and just 17 in the second period. The Aliens have too much shooting talent to again only score 17 points in a period. The Aliens get it done.

Big3 Week 2 Pick: Aliens | Bet Ghost Ballers vs Aliens Today
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2023 Big3 Week 2 Schedule

DateGame Home Away
Sunday, July 1Game 13’s Company vs.Killer 3s
Sunday, July 1Game 2Power vs.Tri-State
Sunday, July 1Game 3Ball Hogs vs.Enemies
Sunday, July 1Game 4Trilogy vs.Triplets
Sunday, July 1Game 53 Headed Monsters vs.Bivouac
Sunday, July 1Game 6Ghost Ballers vs.Aliens

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