Best Early 2016 College Football Title Bets

Best Early 2016 College Football Title Bets

Written by on July 6, 2016

As summer slowly starts to slip away, we can all now starting seriously thinking about the upcoming college football season. As soon as thoughts of the pigskin start to enter our heads, so does the first ideas of who might win it all this season. The latest college football lines have clearly shown us that the bookies and the betting public seem to have a pretty clear idea of who will hoist the championship trophy when all is said and done. Now is a good time to get your wagers on if you are confident, because you can bet that as the season progresses, you are going to see the live odds for the better teams start to drop dramatically. Let’s look at a few teams who may very well be a good college football title bet this season.

Here’s a Closer Look at the Best Early 2016 College Football Title Bets

Alabama Crimson Tide (+550)

We all know that it’s difficult to repeat as a champion, especially when you lose so many players to the NFL draft, but Alabama have become the masters of re-tooling each and every year. As long as Nick Saban is the man wearing the headset on the sidelines, this team is going to be one of the betting odds favorites. They have won 4 of the last 7 titles, and cannot be counted out this season, despite the fact that they once again seem to be missing a definite starting QB.

Clemson Tigers (+650)

This is the team that lost in the title game last season, and the edge that they may have over the Crimson Tide this year is at the QB position. DeShaun Watson is back for another run at the title, as are a host of other key starters from last year’s squad. Getting so close to a championship can leave a bitter taste in the mouth, which often inspires players to reach even higher levels of greatness.

Michigan Wolverines (+750)

We all knew that this team would improve with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, but I don’t think anyone saw their fantastic season coming last year. The belief was that the second year under Harbaugh would be the one where this group took a big step forward, and if they can do that, there is nothing to suggest that the Wolverines cannot make it all the way to a national championship. The sleeping giant is now officially awake.

Ohio State Buckeyes (+700)

There is an old saying in football that dictates that if you have 2 QB’s, you don’t really have one. That was very much the case with Ohio State last season, but the QB position has been nailed down this year, which will have the Buckeyes starting out with a clear focus. I would be very surprised, especially given their easier schedule, if Ohio State are not in the playoffs at the end of the season.This may very well be the 4 teams that head into the playoffs, but injuries and upsets have a way of changing all of that. There are a number of teams who are bubbling under this group who might just have what it takes to make a run.