Once again, Alabama will be one of the NCAAF Betting favorites.

How to make money on the first weeks of the 2018 NCAAF Action

Written by on May 24, 2018

If you’re wary of making early-season college football bets, (as you should be), and you’re looking for some expert NCAAF betting tips from a pro on how to make money betting the first weeks of the 2018 college football season, then consider your ticket punched. I’ve got a trio of expert early-season college football betting tips that will help you get your latest collegiate gridiron betting campaign off in style! Let’s get to it!

How to make money on the first weeks of the 2018 NCAAF Betting Action

Look for Coaches That Like or Need to Run Up the Score

You know how you see those early season matchups featuring a huge, title-contending school versus a mid-major or overmatched tiny small program that has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning the game? Well, some ‘old school’ coaches don’t like showing up their small school counterparts while others believe that once you’re on the field, everything goes. Look for coaches that like to run up the score or ones that are at programs that are either fight for respect or a berth in the four-team playoff and back those teams to cover some of the ridiculously high spreads you see in the early stages of every college football season.

Look For Really Good Mid-Major Programs

Think about a school like Florida International, where Lane Kiffin has turned the program completely around and they’re actually pretty good. Or maybe a team like the Central Florida Knights. Look for UCF as a good NCAAF Betting pick for the 2018 season. When you see one of these mid-major kinds of programs going up against one of the powerhouse programs and they’re getting a bunch of points, back them to cover the chalk and then sit back and enjoy the action.

Back the Home Team Between Similar Programs

When you see two schools that are of equal or near-equal quality and talent, etc., then back the team that is playing at home to get a big, season-opening boost from their home fans. Home teams generally do well, particularly early in the season when players are really playing on adrenaline and emotion and since the two teams are evenly matched, the home team is more often than not, offering the best value!