NCAA Football Notre Dame Wins Total Betting Prediction for Upcoming 2022 Season

NCAA Football Notre Dame Wins Total Betting Prediction for Upcoming 2022 Season

College football is changing before out very eyes and may look very different in the next few years. Conferences are realigning, NIL money means that the transfer portal becomes more commonly used, and we can probably expect the playoffs to expand sooner rather than later. You now have to wonder how long it will be before independents choose to move to one conference or another. Notre Dame are in that group, but they also have the benefit of a big-money TV deal that allows them to essentially operate on their own. The argument against it is that making the playoffs is tougher, as the committee seems to put more stock in the Power 5 teams. For now, the Irish remain independent and head into the 2022 season with a new head coach after Brian Kelly moved to LSU. What will that mean for the coming season? Let’s take a look so you can make your bets against the NCAAF Regular Season Wins Odds.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2022 Season Betting Prediction: Win/Loss Record

Notre Dame Regular Season

Since the implementation of the playoff system, we are seeing more and more of the bigger college teams open up the season with tough games in hopes of impressing the Playoff Committee early. The Irish are doing that by starting things off with a game against Ohio State. It’s a big risk and ultimately one that I do not believe will reap dividends.

Home Games against Marshall and Cal should get them back on track, but a road trip to face the UNC Tar Heels in Week 4 looks to be another tricky one.

They follow that up with a trio of home games against BYU, Stanford and UNLV, all of which look to be of the winnable variety. I would have them at 6-1 at this point, and with the lone loss coming to the Buckeyes, they could still be in the playoff conversation.

A road trip to Syracuse should be another win, but that is followed by a home tilt versus Clemson, who are looking to have a bounce back season. This may end up being the game that makes or breaks their playoff hopes, as the final three games of the season against Navy, Boston College, and USC all look to be of the winnable variety.

There is always the chance of a letdown game against an underdog, but the Irish have a legit shot at matching their 11-1 regular season that they delivered in 2021. It will also be interesting to see how they perform in their first year under a new head coach.

Regular Season and Beyond

If the Irish can go 11-1 and take out either Ohio State or Clemson, they will be in with a legitimate shot at getting into the final four. That, though, seems like a big ask, especially when you consider that the games against UNC and USC are not exactly slam dunk wins. In reality, I think that Notre Dame are looking at a 10-2 season at best, which might well be enough to get them into a New Year’s Six Bowl Game. That is obviously not their goal, but it’s also not a bad consolation prize.

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