Top NCAA Football Ohio State Matches to Bet On their 2022 Schedule

Top NCAA Football Ohio State Matches to Bet On their 2022 Schedule

It seems strange to say that a team who had 11 wins on the season had themselves a down year, but that is the general feeling about the 2021 Ohio State Buckeyes. They lost out to Michigan for a spot in the Conference Championship Game, while also missing out on the playoffs. There are high expectations for this team every year, so winning nothing is certainly considered to be a failure. They will almost certainly be in the hunt again this season, though, but they have some tough games ahead of them that they are going to need to win to reach their goals. Let’s take a look at some of the must bet games on the Ohio State Buckeyes schedule for 2022 so you can bet against their College Football Lines.

Must Bet 2022 Ohio State Buckeyes Games | College Football Betting Analysis

Sept. 3 Vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

One of the great things about the addition of the playoff system is that it made teams change how they do business. Instead of easy games for the first few weeks of the season, the bigger teams are now going head-to-head in Week 1. That is what the Buckeyes are doing this season, as they will open up their season at home to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, which is absolutely a must watch and wager game.

Oct. 8 at Michigan State Spartans

The first tough conference game of the season for the Buckeyes comes with a trip to face the Michigan State Spartans, who also won 11 games last season. This is a game that you would expect the Buckeyes to win, but it is never easy to go on the road against a good team and come out with the W.

Oct. 22 Vs Iowa Hawkeyes

As we mentioned earlier, the Buckeyes failed to make it to the Conference Championship Game. Had they made it in, it would have been the Iowa Hawkeyes that they would have faced. Whether Iowa are going to be as good as they were in 2021 remains to be seen, but this is still going to be a tough game for Ohio State. The good news is that they get to play at home for this one.

Oct. 29 at Penn State Nittany Lions

You hate to descend into hyperbole before we even begin the season, but this 2-week stretch of games for the Hawkeyes might well prove to be the difference between them making the playoffs and missing out. While you would give Ohio State the edge at home against the Hawkeyes, a road trip to face the Penn State Nittany Lions is a different proposition altogether. A loss in either of those games could very much put the Buckeyes season in doubt.

Nov. 26 Vs Michigan Wolverines

This could well be the game that decides who walks away as the champion of the East Division. It’s a matchup that the Buckeyes have dominated in recent years, but the Michigan Wolverines flipped that on its head last year by winning big and going to the playoffs. This will certainly have a revenge factor in place for what is always a huge matchup.

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