NCAA Football Week 9 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season.

NCAA Football Week 9 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Written by on July 27, 2018

The final few weeks of the college football season is where playoff spots are won and lost. It’s also where many of the biggest games of the season arrive. NCAA Football Week 9 has a stunning number of great games on the calendar, many of which are more than likely going to have an impact on the teams sitting in and just outside the playoff spots. Even if there are not playoff spots at stake, there are also conference match-ups to consider, and with the Conference Championship Games in sight, the wins and losses become that much bigger. Without further ado, let’s look ahead at the must-bet games in Week 9 of the college football season.

NCAA Football Week 9 Must Bet Games – 2018 Season

Clemson Tigers at Florida State Seminoles

Clemson has been a fixture in the college football playoffs, and there is no reason to believe that they won’t be in the mix again this season. They are the obvious class of the ACC, and while this is a game that they should win, it’s one that they are probably not going to win that easily. The Seminoles are a bit of an unknown commodity this year, with Willie Taggart taking over the reins left by Jimbo Fisher who jumped ship at the end of last season. The Noles are by no means a bad team, and a new direction may be just what they need, so look for them to make this one tough for the Tigers in Tallahassee.

Oregon Ducks at Arizona Wildcats

It wasn’t so very long ago that the Oregon Ducks were setting the bar in the PAC 12, but after a few down seasons, they are now in full rebuilding mode. Their 7-6 record last season was certainly a step in the right direction, and there is every reason to believe that they will take another step forward this season. The same can be said for the Arizona Wildcats, a team who also finished 7-6 last season. With Sam Darnold gone, the USC Trojans may come back to the pack a little, so a real opportunity for Arizona to improve. These two teams may well be in the hunt in their respective divisions in Week 9.

Texas Longhorns vs Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are an offensive juggernaut who is always fun to watch. They were very much in the playoff hunt at this stage of the season in 2017, but their defensive frailties once again got in the way of a truly successful season. The Cowboys look like a good pick for NCAA Football Week 9. The Cowboys always seem to have at least one bad game in them, and while we expect them to be strong again this year, could this be the game that trips them up? Texas is still not anywhere near the force they were back in the early 2000’s, but there are signs that they are working their way back to respectability.

USF Bulls vs Houston Cougars

Since the AAC sits outside the Power 5, the eventual winners will not be seeing any playoff action. That said, this is a conference that was highly entertaining last year, and which produced an unbeaten season from the UCF Knights. The Bulls finished second to UCF in the East Division, going 10-2 on the year. They will be looking to close that gap this season, while the Houston Cougars will be looking to better than second in the West. If things go right, these two could potentially hook up in the Conference Championship Game.