eSports Betting: Dota2 EPIC League Division 2 Nov 27 Edition

eSports Betting: Dota2 EPIC League Division 2 Nov 27 Edition

Written by on November 27, 2020

After hitting 2/3 of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive BLAST Premier predictions last week, brings you another set of esports betting previews for Sunday, November 30. Today, we will turn our attention to three Dota2 fixtures, set to be played in the penultimate round of EPIC League Division 2. Let’s get right to it so you can set down your bets against their eSports odds.

Dota2 EPIC League Division 2 Betting Analysis

Gambit Esports Vs Yellow Submarine – Sunday, November 30 – 10:00 CET

The day will begin with a must-win match for Yellow Submarine, who are only one W away from securing the title and the lion’s share of US $50,000 prize pool  – and it’s hard to find a reason to doubt their ability to do so. Yellow Submarine enter this match with a perfect 7-0 run and equally impressive 14-1 map differential, which includes wins against Cyberium (2-0), Nemiga Gaming (2-0), Live to Win (2-0), Ninjas in Pyjamas (2-1), Winstrike (2-0), Team Empire (2-0) and a forfeit win against 5men.

Gambit, meanwhile, have played only six games so far and besides their loss to Live to Win (0-2) on Tuesday, the Russian squad did not look too shabby. They have beaten the likes of Winstrike (2-1), Ninjas in Pyjamas (2-1), Spider Pigzs (2-1) and Nemiga Gaming (2-0) which are fairly solid results.

Gambit and Yellow Submarine have never met before which makes it hard to say how do their playstyles match up. Still, it’s fair to say YeS look like the stronger team, but as long as Gambit can play around Andrey “meLes” Romanov and deny Magomed “Collapse” Halilov, they should win at least one map.

Prediction: Gambit Esports +1.5 maps

Nemiga Gaming Vs Spider Pigzs – Sunday, November 30 – 13:00 CET

It’s very difficult to be overly excited about Nemiga Gaming, who have been struggling with their form for a good portion of the year. Even at the EPIC League, they have yet to show anything noteworthy besides their three-map series with Live to Win (1-2) and a clean sweep win against Team Empire (2-0). However, even that gets quickly overshadowed by Nemiga’s 2-6 record and 6-12 map differential.

Similarly to Nemiga, Spider Pigzs did not look too sharp so far this tournament. They have started the competition with wins against Empire (2-0) and Winstrike (2-0), but have since lost to Live to Win (1-2), Ninjas in Pyjamas (0-2) and Gambit (1-2) and with that proved they’re nothing more than a mid-table team.

Nemiga are priced as massive underdogs for this match, which may seem fair considering they have been losing games left and right, however, that does not necessarily mean they’re going to kneel down to Spider Pigzs. Even though Spider Pigzs are still the most likely victors, they looked way too shaky for us to believe they can sweep Nemiga.

Prediction: Nemiga Gaming +1.5 maps

Ninjas in Pyjamas Vs Live to Win – Sunday, November 30 – 16:00 CET

The first thing that caught our attention here is the surprisingly high odds offered on Ninjas in Pyjamas, which we can’t quite agree with. Even though NiP had their occasional slip-ups this tournament (5-3), we have to consider that two of their losses came when NiP had to field stand-in players.

What’s more, NiP are the only team at the tournament that took one map off Yellow Submarine, which is not a massive achievement in the greater picture, but it still shows NiP are clearly better than the rest of the field. Live to Win, on the other side, lost only to Yellow Submarine (0-2), but it seems like people are forgetting they have dropped maps against Spider Pigzs, Winstrike and Nemiga who are all much weaker than Ninjas in Pyjamas.

If Ninjas in Pyjamas enter this match with their full roster – which they most likely will – they should defeat the overachieving Live to Win with ease. An Over 2.5 map bet can also be considered as a safer pick.

Prediction: Ninjas in Pyjamas to win

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