eSports Betting: League of Legends LCS Games for June 12

eSports Betting: League of Legends LCS Games for June 12

Written by on June 8, 2021

After hitting two out of three eSports betting tips and predictions for last weekend, MyBookie returns with another set of best bets for esports action on Saturday, June 12. Let’s get right to it and present you with our best picks for Saturday’s League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2021 Summer bouts, so you can place your bets on the League of Legends odds.

Top League of Legends eSports Matches to Wager on for June 12

LoL Championship Series 2021 Summer Betting Preview for Saturday, June 12 Matches

100 Thieves Vs Golden Guardians

  • When: Saturday, June 12 – 14:00 PDT

Golden Guardians were by far the weakest team in the LCS 2021 Spring, but they seem to have improved quite a bit for the Summer Split. They weren’t perfect, but Golden Guardians enter this match with a 1-2 record from the opening week, which isn’t terrible.

They stunned the reigning LCS champions Cloud9 but failed to see the same success against the surging Immortals and TSM. Despite their poor record, GG played well and looked like a much-improved version from LCS Spring.

Their next opponents, 100 Thieves, field one of the most stacked rosters in the league and are a serious candidate to qualify for the LoL World Championship. 100T enter the second week of play with a 2-1 record, which includes a loss to Immortals and two wins against Dignitas and Cloud9.

As much as we like 100T and the potential upside they have, betting on them to cover the kill handicap isn’t an exciting option so early into the split. GG have proven to be a very resilient side, and they should put up enough of a fight to keep this one relatively close.

At the same time, 100 Thieves are a 50/50 team when faced with weaker sides. They might do well against LCS top dogs, but they seem to make way too many mistakes in games which they’re expected to win.

Prediction: Golden Guardians +8.5 kills

Value: Golden Guardians to win

FlyQuest Vs TSM

  • When: Saturday, June 12 – 15:00 PDT

TSM are, besides Immortals, the only undefeated team heading into the second week of LCS 2021 Summer, but that doesn’t mean much in the greater picture. They played well against the shaky Team Liquid on the opening day of the split, but their next two showings were far from convincing.

TSM should have lost against Evil Geniuses had they not executed a cheeky backdoor, and they haven’t impressed us in their win against Golden Guardians on Sunday either.

You could argue that TSM have a very strong roster – which they do – but they’re not very clean in execution.

FlyQuest are a team we aren’t too high on, but they usually do well when faced with better teams. It seems like knowing that they’re at a disadvantage from the get-go forces FlyQuest to play better, and that’s what makes them a dangerous punch-up underdog.

FlyQuest are a team that will either fall apart by the end of the season and finish inside the bottom three or find their stride and compete for a playoff spot. Which route will they take is anyone’s guess at this point, but they have been playing well enough for us to believe that they can exploit TSM’s weaknesses and keep this bout close.

Prediction: FlyQuest +7.5 kills

Team Liquid Vs Evil Geniuses

  • When: Saturday, June 12 – 16:00 PDT

This is a match that can easily go both ways, which instantly makes Evil Geniuses a solid value pick. EG struggled in achieving good results during the opening week, but it wasn’t like they were playing that poorly.

This is one of the most inconsistent teams in the league and a side I would extremely rarely bet on when they’re priced as the favorites. For some unknown reason, EG consistently find a way to gain leads but then throw it all away with silly mistakes.

That’s unfortunate since EG field a strong roster of former world champions and LCS MVPs. At the same time, EG have enough individual talent to take on any team in the LCS – including the reigning LCS finalists Team Liquid.

Team Liquid replaced their star top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris with a rookie Thomas “Jenkins” Tran, and they instantly regretted it. However, it’s not like they can call Alphari back into the team since there seem to be some internal disagreements between the organization and the British esports pro.

Adding to that, Liquid have not been playing too well so far, which particularly holds true for two out of their three key players. Once they figure things out, Liquid should be considered as one of the main title contenders, but they seem far too vulnerable for me to bet on them here.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses to win 

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