eSports Betting: StartCraft ASL Apr. 11th Matches Analysis

eSports Betting: StartCraft ASL Apr. 11th Matches Analysis

Written by on April 6, 2021 returns with best eSports bets for the weeks, focusing on two StarCraft II fixtures at AfreecaTV StarCraft League Remastered Season 11 featuring Kim “Bisu” Taek Yong, Jo “Sharp” Ki Seok, Kim “ggaemo” Kyung Mo, and Lim “PianO” Jin Mook. Check out our AfreecaTV StarCraft League Group E bouts that will be played on Sunday, April 11 so you can bet against their StarCraft odds.

StarCraft ASL Betting Preview for Sunday, April 11th Matches

Sharp Vs ggameo – Sunday, April 11 – 19:00 KST

Jo “Sharp” Ki Seok enters this match with a 3-1 record since the start of March. Although a solid run, Sharp hasn’t beaten any quality players in that stretch.

Before that, he hasn’t been doing too sharp either, having won only nine games out of 16 since the turn of the year. On a more positive note, he has beaten Kim “ggaemo” Kyung Mo once before – in December at CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4.

Regardless of his iffy run, Sharp has done well enough to win KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 4, 2020 KCM Challenge Season 4, and Ultimate Battle Team: emTek Junggyejin vs AfreecaTV. In February, he has also finished fifth at the ASTL Season 2.

Ggaemo has played only four games since the turn of the year, which is not great. That said, he has lost only once and won all of his last three.

The 32-year-old enters this match on a three-game winning streak. That includes wins against Jo “hero” Il Jang and Yum “Sea” Bo Sung at the AfreecaTV StarCraft League Remastered S11 online qualifiers.

Sharp enters this match as a favorite, which seems fair, but we don’t believe he should be priced as low as he is. Despite ggameo’s lack of games in 2021, he is in good form and should have a solid chance to cause an upset.

Prediction: GGaemo to win

Bisu Vs PianO – Sunday, April 11 – 19:00 KST

Kim “Bisu” Taek Yong is not as good as he once was, but he has managed a fourth-place finish at ASTL Season 2 with Socrates Tteokbokki. That was also the only proper tournament he appeared in this year.

Besides the ASTL Season 2 team event, Bisu also attended two show matches in Ultimate Battle Team: emTek Junggyejin vs Socrates Tteokbokki and Ultimate Battle: Shine vs Bisu. But results from there don’t really mean much.

Bisu enters this match with a solid 7-3 record since the start of March, however, he has yet to play a single official bout in April. His last fixtures happened on March 24, when he went 3-1, with one loss against hero.

The 31-year-old Korean SCII pro usually does well into Zergs, but struggles against the other two races. That could be a problem as he faces a good Terran player like Lim “PianO” Jin Mook.

Like Bisu, PianO mostly attended show matches in 2021 but has also made appearances at CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4 and ASTL Season 2. There he placed fifth-eighth and sixth respectively.

Despite his relative success in 2021, PianO has won only six out of 13 fixtures since the turn of the year. What’s more, the only two wins in his last five camas against amateur players.

Bisu should be favored to win, however, at the offered odds, it makes more sense to take PianO. He can have his moments of greatness, and in a Bo1 bout, only one good game is enough to claim the series.

Prediction: PianO to win

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