eSports Betting: Top LoL Matches from Jan. 29th to 31st

eSports Betting: Top LoL Matches from Jan. 29th to 31st

Written by on January 28, 2021

Counterstrike matches will happen over the weekend. But because CS:GO matches aren’t set, we’ll concentrate on the top League of Legends battles. Check out analysis and free picks for 10 of the best LOL matches from Friday to Sunday so you can bet against their League of Legends odds.  

eSports Events for the Weekend: Top League of Legends Matches

Friday, Jan. 29th Games

  • Royal Never Give Up +140 / Team We +204

Royal Never Give Up has won 5 straight. The slight chalk on the board has won 7-of-8. Team We is on fire as well, though. The underdog has also taken 5 straight. The squad with the better odds entices.

eSports Free Pick: Team We

  • Lng Esports -256 / Estar Gaming +170 

Lng has won 4-of-5 while Estar has lost 2 straight. If you’re looking to back the underdogs, know that Estar’s 2 losses were against Invictus and FunPlus, a couple of excellent League of Legends teams. Lng should win but they’re an underlay at -256. 

eSports Free Pick: Estar Gaming

Saturday, Jan. 30th Games

  • FunPlus Phoenix -188 / Invictus Gaming +127

FunPlus versus Invictus may be the best eSports match this weekend. FunPlus has won 3 in a row. Invictus has won 2 in a row. In the last head-to-head, Invictus beat FunPlus 3-2. We’ll back Invictus to make it two in a row versus their rivals.

eSports Free Pick: Invictus 

  • All Knights -147 / Rainbow7 +102

This is Rainbow7’s first throw down since a loss to LGD at the World Championships in September. They’re a quality squad as evidenced by the odds versus All Knights. These two squads are more evenly matched than the odds indicate. That encourages us to back Rainbow7.

eSports Free Pick: Rainbow7 

  • Xten Esports +167 / Infinity Esports -250

Xten hasn’t played since the LLA Closing in August 2020. Neither has Infinity. But as it currently stands, Infinity is a much stronger squad than Xten. We’ll lay the odds in the hopes the chalk prevails. 

eSports Free Pick: Infinity Esports 

  • Isurus Gaming -175 / Furious Gaming +120

Isurus has a slight advantage over Furious. It’s not enough of an advantage for us to back the favorites against a quality squad offering odds. Furious is the play.

eSports Free Pick: Furious 

Sunday, Jan. 31st Games

  • JD Gaming +167 / Top eSports -250

JD heads into this off a 2-0 victory against Rare Atom. On Sunday, they face a strong team in Top eSports. Still, the odds difference almost forces us to go with the underdogs. Top’s odds aren’t fair.

eSports Free Pick: JD Gaming  

  • Rogue Warriors +279 / Rare Atom -476

Neither squad inspires a ton of confidence. The Warriors, though, have lost 4 straight. Rare Atom has lost 2 straight. There’s a good chance Atom rolls. But, once again, the odds push us towards the dog.

eSports Free Pick: Rogue Warriors 

  • Isurus Gaming -106 / Infinity Esports -135 

You can throw a dart when Isurus takes on Infinity. Or you can back the team offering the better odds. We’re taking the second approach. Isurus is good enough to beat Infinity. 

eSports Free Pick: Isurus Gaming 

  • Furious Gaming +190 / Rainbow7 -294

It’s tough to look past Rainbow7. When they’re on top of their game there are few teams that can beat the strong squad from Mexico. Furious is good enough to keep this close. They shouldn’t be good enough to beat the Rainbows. 

eSports Free Pick: Rainbow7

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