eSports Betting: League of Legends LCS Games for Feb. 13th

eSports Betting: League of Legends LCS Games for Feb. 13th

Written by on February 9, 2021’s top esports betting picks of the week focus on the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) fixtures, scheduled for Friday, February 13. Today we take a look at three games featuring some of the strongest North American LoL teams including 100 Thieves, FlyQuest, Evil Genuises, Cloud9, TSM and Golden Guardians. Let’s take a closer at the trio of matches so you can bet against their League of Legends odds.

LoL LCS 2021 Spring Betting Preview – Friday, February 13th Matches

100 Thieves Vs FlyQuest – Friday, February 13 – 15:00 PST

100 Thieves enter the second week of the LCS Spring split with a perfect 3-0 record, having already beaten Evil Geniuses, Counter Logic Gaming and most recently Dignitas. Their next opponents, FlyQuest were slightly less successful and have won only one game in three against TSM, but they had to admit defeat to Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid.

If there is one thing we can take away from 100T’s performances this season is that they’re a very scary team that is bound to exceed all expectations if they can keep their momentum going. They might have an occasional slip-up, but more times than not they look very solid.

100T’s main strength is their high-tempo style of play, which usually catches their opponents off guard in the early-game. This is, however, is a double-edged sword since 100T tend to draft compositions with inferior scaling, but even when they get dragged into a longer game, 100T’s strong individual quality usually proves to be enough for them to claw it back and claim the W.

FlyQuest are playing much better than expected, but they’re a team that is hard to figure out. FlyQuest seem to like drafting one composition but then play with the style that goes completely against what their comp is good for. Regardless, FlyQuest held on well even against some of the strongest teams in the league, so there is a reason for optimism.

100T should win this match, but we don’t expect to see a complete stomp. FlyQuest have proven they aren’t afraid to strike back even when behind and thanks to their strong teamfighting, FlyQuest usually keep their games close. The total kill line for this match is set at 25.5, which should be easily achieved considering the playstyle these sides like to use.

Prediction: Over 25.5 kills

Evil Geniuses Vs Cloud9 – Friday, February 13 – 17:00 PST

Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 have already met in the first round of the LCS Lock-In tournament, where EG secured an upset win with 7.8 k gold lead and 21-10 in kills. That was, however, the first match of the 2021 season for both sides, so we should take the final result with a grain of salt.

EG have since established themselves as a very potent team, but also a very unpredictable one. They seem to thrive in chaos, which they themselves create, although we are not too excited about this team in the long run, largely because they like to coin-flip most of their games.

Cloud9 were billed as the strongest team in the LCS and while the individual talent they have makes it hard to believe otherwise, C9’s performances during the Lock-In were lather lacklustre. On a more positive note, C9 looked much better in their opening three games of the split against Golden Guardians, TSM and Immortals.

This will be C9’s first proper test of the split and one they need to win in order to prove their iffy showings in the Lock-In were nothing more than a byproduct of the early-season struggles.

For this match, we are most concerned with the top lane matchup, where Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami will not have an easy time against Jeong “Impact” Eon-young, but outside of that, C9 should have an edge in all other positions. Cloud9 are also far more effective with their macro play, meaning that even if they find themselves trailing in the early-game, the boys in blue should have a solid chance to turn the game upside down in the mid-late game.

Prediction: Cloud9 to win

TSM Vs Golden Guardians – Friday, February 13 – 18:00 PST

To say TSM are struggling would be an understatement at this point, seeing how they have managed only one win out of three this split and even that came against the disorganised Counter Logic Gaming. And it’s not like TSM lack strong individual players – considering they have at least the third-strongest roster in the league – but it’s their poor drafting and clear lack of game sense that makes them look as bad as they do.

We expect TSM to improve by the end of the split and would even go so far to say this team is capable to challenge the title, but as it stands now, TSM are looking very bad.

Individual quality-wise, Golden Guardians are the weakest team in the league, but it’s hard not to be impressed how well this stack of rookies is holding on. So far this split, GG have lost to Cloud9 and Evil Genuises but managed to steal the win from Immortals, which is not a terrible record to hold given the opponents they had to face.

One thing to take away from Golden Guardians and their playstyle is that they like to be very aggressive, to compensate for their lack of quality. While that approach can quickly turn around and bite you, it also works wonders against stronger, but disorganised squads – such as TSM.

This seems more like an underdog or nothing type of match and with what TSM have been producing of late, we have no issues taking the side of GG to at least keep it close. There is also some value in siding with GG to win outright, which might appeal to some.

Prediction: Golden Guardians +7.5 kills

Alternatively: Golden Guardians to win

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