Knowing About eSports Teams You’re Betting On/Against

Knowing About eSports Teams You’re Betting On/Against

Written by on August 3, 2017

Knowing the team you are placing your money on, as well as the one you are betting against, is the most basic of rules when it comes to eSports betting. The importance of this unwritten (but well-known) rule is that it helps you determine whether or not you are betting your money wisely, and allows you to even assess/calculate the probability of winning in your sportsbooks. In eSports betting, the importance of this rule is even bigger, considering that small aspects of the team such as a personality traits, injuries/sickness, player conflicts and star power can have a major impact on a team’s performance. Throw in the additional fact that most professional eSports players are young (mostly in their 20s), that increases the chances of the players making bonehead decisions, making it all the more important to know the eSports players and teams, and how they are likely to react under given circumstances. Below are some of the ways you can know more about the eSports teams you are betting on/against and how you can use the information to encourage profitability in eSports betting.

Knowing About eSports Teams You’re Betting On/Against

In-depth Research on Team Skills and Strategies

The ultimate backbone of every eSports betting decision you make should be your research. Factors like luck may play into results every once in a while, but more often than not, success amongst eSports teams is usually based on skills and strategies. And because of that, researching on team skills and strategies is the best way you can prepare to bet on eSports. And luckily for you, the internet is full of avenues for research. From social media profiles and pages on these players and their strengths and weakness, to dedicated websites that talk about the eSports teams and players almost on a daily basis, to TV channels and other electronic media forums that discuss the players and the teams regularly; there’s really no shortage of information sources in the modern age. You should therefore have no excuse about researching as much information as possible about the team skills and strategies of the teams involved in any game, tournament or league.

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Team Management

In most cases, doing an in-depth research on team skills and strategies will reveal to you how the team handles its management. Team management however goes beyond just the basics of skills and strategies; it highlights how the team is likely to adjust its movements and make roster changes under given circumstances, turnovers in the team if a player gets in/out, and how cohesive the team is likely to be when faced with difficulties. All these issues piggy-back on skills and strategies, but it all boils down to the leadership and management. A team can be very strategic and have greatly skilled players, but with poor management, it will most likely crumble under pressure due to a lack of solid leadership and management. That, essentially, is the reason why a separate research is required to assess the value, strengths and weaknesses that comes with each team management.

Roster Changes

A roster change in a team—be it due to an injury, suspension, retirement or any other related reason—can have a huge impact on a team’s performance. For example, if a team loses his star player, then chances are that its performance is not going to be that good, so you should be careful about betting on them. Do keep an eye (and ear) out for these changes, especially those that that seem to garner a lot of attention. Where there’s smoke, there’ll often be some fire to follow it…

Past Statistics and eSports Betting Trends

eSports betting statistics such as winning streaks, slumps and other related trends have a part to play in picking winning eSports bets. Yes, statistics don’t always tell the full story; but they’ll often reveal some crucial details that can be merged with other research to give a better picture of the situation on the ground. For instance, if a team lost a key player around the same time when they started slumping, then the derivative there could be that the player loss is affecting them. Learn to use the statistics and trends alongside other information to build your case on whether to bet on or against a particular team. These days, anyone with a twitter account and the ability to type in a few words or give a couple opinions on sports can call himself a professional eSports betting handicapper.

Professional Opinions

These days, anyone with a twitter account and the ability to type in a few words or give a couple opinions on sports can call himself a professional eSports betting handicapper. The situation is no different in eSports betting, which makes it hard to spot the real professionals. But over time, you’ll be able to assess and realize who the professionals are—mostly through research. Once you discover these professional opinion leaders, be sure to incorporate (or at least consider what they say) in your betting endeavors. You can avoid many mistakes—and make some really good betting decisions—by keeping an eye out for such opinion.

Bringing it All Together!

At the end of the day, eSports betting is all about having fun and trying to make some profit in the process, so don’t take it all too seriously. And by keeping in mind the sportsbetting tips we’ve highlighted above, your chances of winning sustainably and big in eSports betting will increase drastically.