eSports Odds Games To Bet On & Betting Odds Explained

eSports Lines & Betting Odds Explained

Written by on July 19, 2017

eSports – and its multitude of betting opportunities – are absolutely exploding! If you don’t know much about the popular eSports genre and the games that you can bet on, then consider your ticket punched. Hence, I’ve got the eSports odds betting information you’re looking for!First and foremost, you should know that the most common type of eSports video games involve real-time strategy, First Person Shooter (FPS) or Multi-player Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games.

eSports Odds Games To Bet On & Betting Odds Explained

 However, those aren’t the only types of eSports games that you can bet on, just the most popular. Therefore, the list of the most popular eSports games that you can now bet on include, the following:Starcraft IIDota2League of LegendsHeroes of the StormSMITECall of DutyIn addition to the most popular games, there is also a subset of games inside each genre that you can wager on. When it comes to first person shooters, these games rule the day.

First Person Shooter Games (FPS)

Alliance of Valiant ArmsBattlefieldCall of DutyCounter-Strike SeriesCrossfireHaloOverwatchPainkillerQuakeRainbow Six: SiegeSpecial Forces IITeam FortressUnreal TournamentIn addition to first person shooter games, there are also Melee games that you can play online and wager on.

Melee Games

Killer InstinctStreet FighterTekkenMarvel vs. CapcomSuper Smash Bros.Then there are the widely popular multi-player online battle arena games (MOBA).Clash RoyaleDota 2Heroes of NewerthSmiteDotaDota2Heroes of StormVainglory

Racing Games

Simple and plain, eSports racing games involve cars – and speed. These types of eSports games allow for a multitude of players to compete in the same event and generally draws a ton of spectators. Therefore, this trio of eSports racing games is currently the most popular around.iRacingProject CARSTrackmaniaReal-time strategy games involve a vast skill set that requires logical thinking like that used in chess and reactionary skills for better eSports Odds.

Real Time Strategy Games (RTS)

Real-time strategy games involve a vast skill set that requires logical thinking like that used in chess and reactionary skills that are used in other faster-paced games like FPS games. Thus, players are pitted against their opponents in something of a long-term game.Civilization VIStarCraft IIStarCraft: Brood WarWarcraft III

Sporting Event Games

These eSports games are my personal favorites, since I’m a sports junkie. If you’re a football, basketball soccer or hockey sports fan, then you’ll be in all of your glory!FIFANBA 2KJohn MaddenRocket LeagueReal Substance Hockey League

Betting Odds Explained

If you are looking to bet on eSports, just like everything else, then you need to understand the odds associated with the games you’re planning on betting on. The most common form of eSports odds come in decimals.Let’s say that, you’re betting on Team A and that team has won six of 10 matches against Team B.Consequently, Team A has an average probable outcome of 0.6 while Team B has a 0.4 probability of winning.In essence, 0.6 + 0.4 = 1Team A – 1/0.6 = 1.66Team B 1/0.4 = 2.50Clearly, the smaller the figure, the greater the chance the favorite has of winning.In order to calculate the outcome, you simply divide by the probabilityTeam A – 1.66 =100/1.66 = 60.24%Team B – 2.50 = 100/2.50= 40%There are also fractional odds in eSports betting. The eSports odds for Team A would then look like this.Team A – 6/10 = 10/(6+10) =0.625 x100 = 62.5%Basically, if the left number is higher than the right, the chances of that team winning are not as favorable.