2024 LCS Spring Lines: Betting Group Stage Week 4: Top match per day

2024 LCS Spring Lines: Betting Group Stage Week 4: Top match per day

The League of Legends Championship Series is currently taking place, and it has already led to some terrific action. That action is only going to continue to get better moving forward as Week 4 of the group stage is set to take place in the LCS Spring 2024.

The standings continue to be updated with every single match that is played, and there are about six of the eight teams that still feel like they have a shot to get to the top of the league.

Here is a look at some of the action set to come in the LCS as the top match per day that is going to stand out. MyBookie has the LoL betting odds as we look at 2 days of action in the Round 4 of the 2024 LCS Spring Series.


Betting 2024 LCS Spring Lines for Group Stage Week 4 | MyBookie eSports Lol Betting Preview

League Championship Series 2024 Spring | 14th North American LCS season
LCS Week 4: Saturday, February 10th – Sunday, February 11th, 2024


Saturday, February 10 | 2024 LCS Spring

FlyQuest vs. Rebellion
Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves
NRG vs. Cloud9
Immortals vs. Dignitas

When looking at the LCS Spring 2024 schedule for Week 4, there is one game that is going to stand out in a big way on Saturday. It’s best to not only try to handicap the matches that are going to be close, but also looking to see how each battle will impact the standings. 

The best matchup set to take place on Saturday, February 10 will be between 100 Thieves and Team Liquid as each team is currently sitting at 4-3 in league play. The winner of this game is going to have a chance to climb to the top of the standings, but there is still plenty of work that will have to be done. 

Even though these teams are currently sitting at 4-3 so far this during the LCS, neither team has been able to knock off one of the better teams. That means that 100 Thieves and Team Liquid still have plenty to prove, but they have been able to do enough to challenge some of the better teams. 

This is going to be a matchup that comes down to the wire, and it’s going to be one that you are going to want to check out. 

2024 LCS Spring Lines for Group Stage Week 4
Saturday LOL Action | Odds for LOL MyBookie Betting Lines for the Games


Sunday, February 11 | 2024 LCS Spring

Team Liquid vs. Rebellion
Immortals vs. FlyQuest
Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves
NRG vs. Dignitas

Flyquest is currently sitting atop the standings in the LCS, and now there is pressure on them to stay in that position moving forward. They are the only team with just one loss, but every team is going to be pushing hard to give them a couple of losses this weekend.

Flyquest has a relatively easy matchup on Saturday, but they are going to be facing Immortals on Sunday in what could be a big game. Immortals is a team that wants to get back to the top of the standings, and a big win on Sunday would go a long way. 

Even if Flyquest is somehow going to be able to pick up another win, you should expect to see a great battle. If you are looking for the biggest upset this weekend then this is a bet to check out.

2024 LCS Spring Lines for Group Stage Week 4
Sunday LOL Action | Odds for LOL MyBookie Betting Lines for the Games


2024 LCS Spring Standings

Before getting into the best games on the schedule, here is a look at the standings heading into Week 4:

  • FlyQuest 6-1
  • NRG 4-3
  • 100 Thieves 4-3
  • Team Liquid 4-3
  • Immortals 3-4
  • Cloud9 3-4
  • Dignitas 2-5
  • Shopify Rebellion 2-5

2024 LCS Spring Group Stage Week 4

Date Time Week Home   Away
Sat, February 10 15:00 p.m. 4 FlyQuest vs. Rebellion
Sat, February 10 16:00 a.m. 4 Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves
Sat, February 10 17:00 a.m. 4 NRG vs. Cloud9
Sat, February 10 18:00 a.m. 4 Immortals vs. Dignitas
Sun, February 11 15:00 p.m. 4 Team Liquid vs. Rebellion
Sun, February 11 16:00 a.m. 4 Immortals vs. FlyQuest
Sun, February 11 17:00 a.m. 4 Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves
Sun, February 11 18:00 a.m. 4 NRG vs. Dignitas

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LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Flyquest

Previous Betting News

Flyquest were once the undisputed leaders of the 2023 Spring LCS, but two losses in their last three games has caused a massive changeup. The first seed is still up to grabs, with both Flyquest and Cloud9 tied at twelve wins each, and they face off on Wednesday to determine who will be in pole position for playoffs.

Cloud9, meanwhile, are coming off of five straight victories, including massive wins over TSM, EG, and 100 Thieves. Flyquest picked up a win in the matchup earlier in the season, but Cloud9 now have a huge momentum advantage that will allow anyone to pull off a victory here.

So check out our in-depth analysis to make your LOL betting picks.


LCS Spring 2023 Week 8 Betting Preview – Cloud9 vs. Flyquest


Top Lane

The top lane matchup in this series will see Flyquest’s Impact face off against Cloud9’s Fudge. Fudge has officially moved on from his early season K’Sante love, adding two more wins on Sion last week to bring his overall tally to four wins on the season. It remains to be seen if Fudge can adapt in the event of a Sion ban, but things are looking great for now.

The impact has felt the nerfs to K’Sante, with seven games on the champion but two straight losses in his last two tries. Impact’s dominance in the top lane was a huge part of Flyquest’s early dominance, and so far they have not been able to adapt to the K’Sante nerfs.



Cloud9’s Blaber has been fantastic in recent weeks, clearly not being affected by nerfs to Maokai. He picked up Viego last week, resurrecting that champion from a long series of nerfs, easily piloting it to a win.

Like Impact in the top lane, Spica has struggled to adapt to the heavy nerfs to one of the meta’s top junglers, Maokai. He lost two straight games on Sejuani in consecutive wins, causing some worry. If Flyquest are going to adapt in this role, it may come from Spica’s Vi, currently good for three wins out of three tries.


Mid Lane

Emenes has been a massive part of Cloud9’s current hot streak. He was able to easily adapt to Leblanc bans last week with solid performances on Tryndamere and Syndra.

Vicla of Flyquest has been the exception to the rule of Flyquest succumbing to meta changes. He has played eleven different champions through 15 matches, and his most played champion, Sylas, is showing no signs of future nerfs.


Bottom Lane

BBerserker is up to six games on Zeri, continuing to dominate on one of the best bot lane marksmen of the meta. Zven has done a fantastic job of diversifying his support champion pool as well, including a neat Annie pickup last week.

Flyquest have their own Zeri star in Prince, as the Korean import is good for two wins on the season, including a monstrous 14/0/1 performance against 100 Thieves. With a revolving door at support between Winsome and Eyla, Flyquest will have to pull out all the stops in this lane to stop Berserker and Zven.

LOL Pick: Flyquest -125 | Bet Penn State to Win Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses

Previous Betting News

Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses find themselves in the top three of the LCS standings as we enter Week 7, and each team opens the week with the opportunity to secure a playoff spot. Both teams won each of their two games last week, including a blockbuster win for EG against Flyquest.

EG were victorious against Cloud9 last time around, but a lot has changed in the weeks since. With a lot on the line for each team, we should have an exciting match in store, so check out our in-depth analysis to make your LOL betting picks.


LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview – Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses


Top Lane

The top lane matchup in this series will see EG’s SSumday face off against Cloud9’s Fudge. Fudge has cooled down from his hot start at the beginning of the season, thanks in parts to repeated nerfs to his signature K’Sante. Still, Fudge has diversified his champion pool with Jax and Sion each good for two wins.

Ssumday is unmatched when it comes to champion versatility, however. He rotated two more champions to his season pool in Garen and Renekton last week, including a very impressive 6/0/4 performance against Flyquest.



Cloud9’s Blaber has been fantastic in recent weeks, clearly not being affected by nerfs to Maokai. Wukong is his latest champion of focus, and he has a 70% kill participation to show for it.

EG’s Inspired picked up another win on Sejuani last week, so you might think Flyquest’s strategy of stealing the champion would stifle him. Instead, he piloted Gragas to a win, proving his versatility as the heart of this EG squad.


Mid Lane

The main change from the last time these two teams met comes in the form of EMENES playing in the mid-lane in place of Diplex. With three wins out of four games so far, EMENES has been amazing, including two games on the recently buffed Leblanc. He will have to boost his kill participation a tad, but it is so far, so good for the Cloud9 mid laner.

EG’s mid laner, jojopyun, is continuing to prove week in and week out why he’s one of the best in the business. Despite nerfs to Azir, he picked the champion and proceeded to crush division leaders Flyquest last week. He wins lane 76% of the time and has achieved first blood in 15% of games, making him an absolute menace for any opposing mid laner to deal with.


Bottom Lane

Berseker is now rocking K/D/A of 14.8 on the season, proving to be a menace for opponents. Berserker and Zven have five games each on Zeri and Lulu, giving Cloud9 a consistent and reliable strategy for victory.

FBI continues to awe LCS fans with his amazing kill-focused gameplay. Both FBI and his support Vulcan are playing a part in over 70% of Evil Geniuses’ kills. Vulcan seems to have a knack for staying on the same page with EG’s jungler, Inspired, in order to set up those plays.

Final Prediction: Cloud9 -113 : Bet LOL Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game
Final Prediction: Cloud9 -113 : Bet LOL Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game
LCS Spring 2023 Week Six Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Evil Geniuses

Previous Betting News

Week six of the 2023 Spring LCS is upon us, and the playoff picture is beginning to become quite clear. Flyquest are still leading the division with ten wins out of eleven matches, and they need just one more win to clinch a playoff berth with seven games remaining. Flyquest have an easy road ahead of them, but they are not ready to let off the gas quite yet.

Evil Geniuses are in the middle of a huge skid, with two straight losses, including one to the bottom dwellers of the division, Dignitas. They will also need to prepare for a second tough LOL betting matchup this week against TSM, giving them less preparation time against the division leaders.


LCS Spring 2023 Week Six Betting Preview – Flyquest vs. Evil Geniuses


Top Lane

Flyquest’s top laner, Impact, sometimes fails to live up to his name. The Korean import hovers around 55% kill participation, and struggles to fully get into a game when not on his signature K’Sante.

Unfortunately for Evil Geniuses, they are not much better in this lane. Ssumday has similar issues, with a 54% kill participation, and to make matters worse, he has no real signature champions to choose from.



Flyquest are dominant in the jungle, with Spica abusing the top meta picks of Maokai and Amumu in order to wreak havoc on games. The Chinese import will have to find a couple of new picks following changes in patch 13.4, but he has already shown other options like Vi, Wukong, and Sejuani.

EG’s Inspired has a kill participation of 78%, and he is one of the LCS’s most dominant players. His Sejuani and Vi are terrifying to play against, and he seems fairly immune to any meta-changes. EG will need to have a great performance from Inspired if they want to pull off an upset.


Mid Lane

Flyquest’s Vicla has been quietly putting up strong performances in the mid-lane all season long. He’s done it on the backs of a very diverse champion pool featuring eight different picks out of eleven games, giving the team a huge draft advantage.

EG’s Jojopyun currently holds a 72% kill participation on the season, and the mid-laner has done a great job of combining with Inspired to set up multiple ganks through the laning stage. Jojopyun also features a number of different champions, seven in total on the season, so there is ton of potential for a volatile lane matchup here.


Bottom Lane

Flyquest’s Prince has a KDA score of 12 on the season, on a whopping nine different champions in eleven matches. Prince has done this despite missing his duo partner, Winsome, in one series, and Flyquest can attribute the vast majority of their success to the wonderful play of their bot laner.

The good news for EG is they have a bot lane focused on playing around Inspired’s early-game roam threat. Both FBI and Vulcan have kill participation scores over 70%, but FBI lacks a true second champion pick after his signature Lucian.

Final Prediction: Flyquest -204 : Bet LOL Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game
LOL LCS Spring 2023 Week 3 Betting Preview: Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9

Previous Betting News

The 11th season of League of Legends’ LCS is well underway, with ten of North America’s finest squads vying for two spots at the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational. Two of the region’s 2022 Worlds Attendees will be facing off on Friday, February 10th, as Evil Geniuses will take on Cloud9.

Each team currently sits at 3-1 in the standings, and the winner of this series will find themselves in a secure spot in their path to Playoffs with the top League of Legends betting odds offered by MyBookie.


LCS Spring 2023 Week 3 Betting Preview – Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9 MyBookie League of Legends Betting Predictions


Top Lane

The top lane matchup in this series will see EG’s SSumday face off against Cloud9’s Fudge. Fudge has been on fire to start the season, averaging 3.8 turret plates per game while sticking to a focused champion pool of K’Sante and Fiora. The signature “Fudge Factor” will likely be at play in this matchup, as Cloud9 love to play around their Top Laner in fights.



The Jungle can make or break a team, and EG’s Inspired is proof of that. He currently holds a Kill Participation of 78%, thanks in part to his electric Sejuani play in two of their four matches. Inspired also loves to play on the bottom side of the map early on, with EG average 1.5 dragons in the first 15 minutes of the game.

Cloud9’s Blaber, conversely, has struggled a bit to enter games early on. Opposing teams are quick to ban Maokai against Cloud9, leaving Blaber with some weaker options in Wukong and Vi so far. They will need to find another answer if they want to try to match Inspired’s tempo.


Mid Lane

Cloud9 signed Diplex from the EMEA region following the 2022 season to replace Jensen, and early results are promising. He holds a K/D/A of 5.6 thus far, and was even able to hold his own against FlyQuest’s Vicla in Cloud9’s only loss.

EG’s mid laner, jojopyun, has had a quiet start to the season. With EG focusing on late-game champions like Azir and Ryze, jojopyun has only posted a K/D/A of 2.4 in their opening four matches. Despite the lack of a flashy scoreline, jojopyun has held a CS lead in all four matches thus far, so expect a similar dynamic against a roam-heavy champion pool from Diplex.


Bottom Lane

Berserker and Zven are back together following an impressive 2022 season, and things are going just as planned for the duo. Berserker currently has an insane K/D/A of 19.0 on the season, proving to be a menace for opponents.

Evil Geniuses are still missing their star player Danny, but FBI has been solid as a replacement. Both FBI and his support Vulcan are playing a part in over 70% of Evil Geniuses’ kills, thanks to the team’s bot-lane-centric strategies in the early game. With 3 of 4 matches on his signature champions, it will be interesting to see if FBI can adjust to target bans in future series.

LOL LCS Spring 2023 Week 4 Betting Preview: 100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians

Previous Betting News

Week 4 of the LCS is upon us, and we have more exciting matches awaiting us this week. The first half of the round-robin is nearly complete, allowing us a better picture of each team’s strengths and weaknesses this season.

On Friday, February 17th, 100 Thieves will face off against Golden Guardians, in a potentially tricky match for the star-studded 100 Thieves roster. 100 Thieves are currently 4-2 on the season, but they ended Week 4 with a one-sided loss to division leaders Flyquest. Let’s take a look at the League of Legends betting odds for this Week.


LCS Spring 2023 Week 4 Betting Preview – 100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians MyBookie League of Legends Betting Predictions


Top Lane

100 Thieves took a risk in their top laner, Tenacity, promoting him from their Academy squad in the wake of rumors he would move to Evil Geniuses. It remains to be seen how the move will play out in the long run, but Tenacity has so far paid back the faith 100 Thieves showed in him. He had a standout performance in Week 2 against TSM on K’Sante, one of the best Top Lane champions in the meta.

Licorice has been a stalwart on this Golden Guardians roster since 2021, but he has fallen behind early in this season. He holds two wins on Renekton out of two games, but otherwise has failed to win with any other champion.



100 Thieves have been fantastic in the Jungle role since signing Closer two years ago, and he is continuing to be a point of stability for the squad in the 2023 season. He has won two games each on Sejuani and Vi so far this season, and the only real criticism about his champion pool is his inability to play Elise.

River has done well on Golden Guardians after leaving Dignitas last year, and he could be poised to take a step towards the next level in this series. He has two games on Wukong this season, both losses, but produced impressive stats against a tough Evil Geniuses team in Week 1.

Mid Lane

Bjergsen left Team Liquid in the offseason, and his arrival to 100 Thieves has revolutionized their gameplay. Bjergsen has a kill participation of 73.3% on the season, across a varied number of champions like Zilean, Viktor, and Taliyah.

Golden Guardians have a new mid-laner of their own, with Gori arriving from China by way of Korea. Gori missed two series for Golden Guardians, both losses, and he brings an irreplaceable presence to the team by way of a 74.7% kill participation score.


Bottom Lane

Doublelift is the star of the show for 100 Thieves, as last week’s 14-kill performance on Caitlyn showed. Despite two losses, Doublelift has won lane in all six matches so far, averaging nearly 20 more creep score than the opponent at the 15-minute mark.

Stixxay and Huhi have been solid together since the latter’s arrival in the offseason, with their standout performance coming against Immortals last week. Huhi will be out for revenge after leaving 100 Thieves, eager to prove he is better than his counterpart, Busio. Final Prediction.

100 Thieves -277

LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 3 Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Golden Guardians

Previous Betting News

The final round of the lower bracket is upon us for the 2023 Spring LCS, with Flyquest and Golden Guardians facing off in what should be an exciting matchup. Flyquest is falling back into this series after an embarrassing performance against Cloud9, while Golden Guardians are red-hot, coming off a dominant 3-0 series against Evil Geniuses.

The winner of this series will be guaranteed a top-two finish, which secures a spot at this season’s MSI tournament and MyBookie will have the LoL betting lines for the Finals. Golden Guardians are in uncharted territory but are dangerously close to securing the franchise’s first international tournament appearance.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 3 Betting Preview – Flyquest vs. Golden Guardians

Finals Weekend: April 8-9


Top Lane

Licorice has been a massive part of this new renaissance for Golden Guardians. Licorice has played Gwen three times in playoffs, including a dominant 24-minute victory against EG last week. It is safe to say Licorice is a stronger player than Impact, but it will remain to be seen if the top laner can convert that advantage.

Impact has been struggling in the second half of the LCS season in the wake of K’Sante nerfs, and his troubles continued against Cloud9 last week. He is struggling to maintain a kill participation score over 50% in the playoffs, and his struggles are beginning to bleed into Spica’s play in the jungle.



Golden Guardian’s River was perfect against EG last week, posting a scoreline of 6/0/28. His 76% kill participation is among the best of all playoff competitors, and he looks prolific on both Wukong and Maokai.

Flyquest’s Spica continues to put up good numbers with a 73% kill participation rate but struggled to manage Cloud9 last week. Spica still plays a fantastic Sejuani and Vi, but it remains to be seen if Spica can go toe-to-toe with River.


Mid Lane

If you thought K’Sante was a dead champion, Golden Guardian’s Gori has different plans in mind. The mid-laner has played K’Sante in the mid-lane three times in the playoffs, allowing the team much-needed draft flexibility. The Korean import has looked fantastic since signing from PSG.Talon in the offseason, and he is a real bright spot for the team.

Vicla was playing out of his mind last week against Cloud9, and not in a good way. His game three featured a zero kill, seven death performance on Tristana mid, and the Flyquest mid-laner looks completely lost when not playing Veigar. It won’t help his case that Veigar was also nerfed, and if Flyquest cannot find alternatives in time, Vicla is poised to get run over by Gori.


Bottom Lane

Stixxay and Huhi have been quietly having a strong season for Golden Guardians, but there was nothing quiet about their performance last week. The duo dismantled Evil Geniuses while maintaining kill participation scores of over 70% each.

Vicla was bad in the mid-lane for Flyquest, but Eyla was even worse in the bot lane. The support had fourteen deaths in two games on Rakan, and Prince barely had a chance to have an impact on the game.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Final Prediction

LOL Final Prediction: Golden Guardians +1.5 -131 / U 4.5 -250 | Bet LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

100 vs GG Highlights ALL GAMES LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Quarterfinal 100 Thieves vs Golden Guardians
LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 2 Betting Preview: Flyquest vs. Cloud9

Previous Betting News

The first weekend of the 2023 Spring LCS playoffs is behind us, and the upper bracket went exactly as expected. Cloud9 dispatched of CLG in four games, with the lone blemish on their record coming from a CLG Jayce mid-game. Flyquest swept 100 Thieves with the help of two fantastic Veigar performances from Vicla.

Cloud9 and Flyquest tied their season series 1-1, before C9 dominated Flyquest in the tiebreakers to secure the top seed.

This means C9 will get their choice of side to open the series, but with both teams tightly matched, specially when we are talking about LoL lines to win in Week 2. Anything can happen in what could end up being a grand finals preview.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 2 Betting Preview – Flyquest vs. Cloud9

Week 1: March 23-26
Week 2: March 30-31
Finals Weekend: April 8-9


Top Lane

Fudge had an uncharacteristically bad series last week against CLG, perhaps putting a stain on his all-star-level performances. He only managed a KDA of 2.9, far from his normal performances during the regular season.

The impact had been struggling in the second half of the LCS season in the wake of K’Sante nerfs, but he finally got his act together against 100 Thieves last week. He posted a 3.4 KDA in the series, and even managed to pick up a win on K’Sante.



Cloud9’s Blaber fell off last week, compiling the most deaths in the entire series at 14. It was a rare poor performance for Blaber, and Cloud9 placed him on Maokai in all three of their wins. If there is a champion pool problem for Blaber, it could be exposed heavily by Flyquest.

On the flip side, Flyquest’s Spica was phenomenal against 100 Thieves. He posted 31 assists over three games, two more than Blaber, despite playing one less game. His Wukong has slowly become a must-ban, posing more problems for Flyquest’s opponents.


Mid Lane

Emenes played the final three games of last week’s series with a unique quirk. Either he or his opponent played Jayce mid, and strangely, the Jayce mid actually won two of those three games. Perhaps rumors of the champion’s demise have been a bit far-fetched. Emenes also piloted Leblanc to a win once again, continue to offer a huge meta-threat.

Flyquest’s Vicla was nearly as monstrous as Spica last week. In two matches on Veigar, he accrued 17 kills. Though Veigar is due for some champion nerfs, there is little reason to believe Vicla won’t continue this rampage throughout the rest of playoffs.


Bottom Lane

Berserker saved the day for C9 last week. In a tight fourth game, Berserker and Zven combined on Zeri and Renata to shut down CLG’s Xayah-Rakan duo. Berserker and Zven are by far the best bot lane in the playoffs, and if C9 wins, it will be due to them.

Prince shined on Zeri as well last week, posting a 12.3 KDA overall. With Zeri such a strong champion in the meta, Flyquest will need to secure the champion in Draft if Prince and Eyla are to stand a chance.


Final Prediction

LOL Final Prediction: Flyquest +116 / Flyquest 1.5 -188 | Bet LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs: The Drive to Win
LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 1 Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Previous Betting News

Cloud9 were the hottest team going into the final week of the 2023 Spring LCS. They beat Flyquest to start the week, taking a one-game advantage over the former leaders, then dispatched with Immortals.

All that changed when CLG entered the final match day. With CLG needing a win to even make the playoffs, they defeated Cloud9 impressively, forcing a tiebreaker between C9 and Flyquest for 1st place.

Cloud9 ended up winning that tiebreaker, but CLG won their own tiebreakers, setting up this amazing #1 vs. #4 matchup. While Cloud9 should be favorites to secure the series, expect a brawl of a series that could go the distance in this best of 5 format.

So check out our in-depth analysis before you make your LOL betting picks for the first week of LCS Spring Playoffs.


LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Week 1 Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Week 1: March 23-26
Week 2: March 30-31
Finals Weekend: April 8-9


Top Lane

Fudge is the most impressive top laner in North America, with a 59% kill participation to close out the regular system. His Sion is a must-ban, and his 23% damage share is impressive for a role known for playing alone.

Dhokla has been solid all season for CLG, and he has only improved in the wake of extreme K’Sante nerfs. Previously 0-3 on the champion, Dhokla has shined when allowed to play champions that better fit his playstyle, like Gwen and Sion.



Cloud9’s Blaber continues to be a reliable engine for C9. His 67% kill participation is amazing, and he’s shown some nice champion versatility that allows C9 to get creative in the draft stage.

Contractz is more of a specialist for CLG, with six Sejuani games. He’s won five of those games, but there are still some questions at play. If Contractz has a second champion, it would be Vi, but if he gets target banned, CLG may struggle to get the jungle tempo going.


Mid Lane

Emenes was finally slowed down in the last match of the regular season, failing to pilot Jayce mid-to victory against CLG. Jayce mid has been an awful choice for nearly every team in the LCS, so his struggles are at least somewhat justifiable.

There is one mid laner who has made Jayce work, however. Palafox has won two of three games on the champion this season, giving CLG a huge draft edge. Palafox has fallen flat when not on Jayce or Taliyah, but he is still good for a standout performance every now and then.


Bottom Lane

Berserker is running out of accolades. Pair his KDA of 10.3 with four wins on Zeri on six tries, and it’s no surprise he’s in the running for league MVP. Zven has done an amazing job of making him shine from the support role as well.

CLG have their own dynamic duo in the bot lane, however. Luger and Poome are fantastic together, as Poome has been good for a 71% kill participation rate on the season as a whole. Luger and Poome have even combined for three Kallista games, giving CLG another unique draft option that most teams may find themselves unprepared for.

LOL Final Prediction: Cloud9 -454 / Over 3.5 -217 | Bet LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs Today
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

LCS Spring 2023 Playoffs: The Drive to Win


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