League of Legends CBLOL April 12th Matches Odds & Predictions

League of Legends CBLOL April 12th Matches Odds & Predictions

Written by on April 10, 2020

The vast majority of us are currently in a position where we are stuck at home for the next few weeks, which means trying to find something to help pass the time. For a lot of people, that means playing video games for entertainment, but how about putting the controller down for a minute and watching the pros do their thing? There are eSports leagues taking place all over the world right now that you can watch and wager on. Who knows, besides winning some money, you might also learn some tips that will help you master one of your favorite games. For this piece, we are looking at the April 12 games for the League of Legends CBLOL, which is based in Brazil. Let’s get right to the previews and League of Legends Odds.

League Of Legends CBLOL April 12th Matches

INTZ (-192) Vs Redemption Porto Alegre (+131)

Both of these times are currently tied for the bottom spot in the CBLOL with a 4-8 record, but that might change over the course of the next few days. It is a busy schedule this weekend, and both teams will have played a couple of games before we get to this one. Redemption Porto Alegre had a surprising win in their last match, and while they will likely lose that momentum with some tough games this weekend, I think they get the win here as the underdog.

Prodigy Esports (+124) Vs Vivo Keyd (-178)

This is perhaps the game of the day, as it features the team at the top of the league against another one that is currently trying to run them down. Prodigy are currently sitting in the top 4 with a 7-5 record, which leaves them 2 wins off the pace being set by Vivo Keyd at the top of the CBLOL. Give the schedule this weekend, I still like Vivo to be sitting on top when Sunday rolls around, and I also like them to continue winning here.

Furia Uppercut Esports (-169) Vs KABUM E-SPORTS (+177)

Both of these teams are sitting outside of the top 4 and looking for a win that would perhaps get their momentum heading in the right direction. Furia are sitting in 5th in the CBLOL right now with a 5-7 record and are currently on a 3-game losing skid. You would like them to come out of that funk with a win over KABUM, who are tied for last with a 4-8 record, but anything can happen in a single game setting. Still, I think Furia return to winning ways on Sunday.

paIN Gaming (+177) Vs Flamengo eSports (-169)

This is another fantastic matchup, as it features a pair of teams who are sitting in the top 3 as of Friday morning. You should be aware, though, that their records and positions might change, with both teams having 2 games to play prior to this one. paIN Gaming are sitting in the #3 spot right now with a 7-5 record, while Flamengo is just 1 win out of first in the CBLOL at 8-4. These two looked to be evenly matched, but I am giving the slight edge to Flamengo.