2023 League of Legends Pro League Betting Preview: JD Gaming vs. Weibo Gaming

2023 League of Legends Pro League Betting Preview: JD Gaming vs. Weibo Gaming

China came home from League’s 2023 MSI tournament with 1st and 2nd place, with JD Gaming defeating Bilibili Gaming in the finals. JD Gaming were electric, with Ruler cementing his place as one of the best AD carries the sport has ever seen.

League is a constantly evolving game, however. Summer split brings a new set of faces to the league, and the MSI champions will open their season against Weibo Gaming, who finished 5th-6th last season.

MyBookie has the LoL betting odds as they willl be playing a best-of-three series, with the winners facing off against the winners of the JD Gaming vs. Weibo Gaming.


2023 League of Legends Pro League Betting Preview: JD Gaming vs. Weibo Gaming | MyBookie eSports Betting Preview

LPL 2023 Summer
Organizer: Tencent Games
Location: China Venue: Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Beijing
Format: Single Round Robin / Matches are best of three


Top Lane

369 was fantastic for JDG at MSI, but before his international dominance, the Chinese top laner was dominating on Sion and K’Sante in domestic play. We last saw him pilot the two champions for seven wins out of eight games during the LPL playoffs, and we expect him to continue to outclass the competition.

Weibo Gaming’s Korean import, TheShy, looked lackluster the last time we saw this team. He managed just a 39% kill participation rate in the LPL playoffs in three losses.



Kanavi has a very legitimate argument for being the greatest juggler in the world right now. His Wukong is monstrous, including in domestic play, where he played it eight times during playoffs. He had a 71% kill participation rate in LPL playoffs and somehow improved on that performance in international play.

Weibo Gaming’s Karsa did a fine job of keeping the team in contention during their LPL playoff series vs. Bilibili Gaming. Even though he failed to win on Viego, Lee Sin, or Maokai, the Taiwanese jungle managed at 76% kill participation score as the engine of this team.


Mid Lane

If Ruler has a case for best ADC of all time, Knight has been quietly building his own resume thanks to his dominance of the mid-lane this season. We saw him dismantle Faker at MSI, and if we look at his domestic performance, it’s little surprise.

He had a 73% kill participation score during LPL playoffs, including five games of Ahri.

Weibo Gaming’s Xiaohu has been solid if uninspiring, this season so far, with a decent LPL playoff showing, including a 76% kill participation score. He’ll need to find a consistent champion pool in order to make the most out of the ganks Karsa will provide, especially with jungle pressure from Kanavi being at all-time highs.


Bot Lane

Ruler is everything you want in a bot lane player. His diverse champion pool, clutch decision-making, and flawless positioning make him nearly unplayable. He’s supported by Missing, who has shinned on a variety of support champs, including Nami, Lulu, and Rakan.

The success of JD Gaming was due to the great chemistry between the bot lane duo and Kanavi’s jungle ganks.

Weibo Gaming will struggle in this lane, but Light did have a solid 2.4 KDA during LPL playoffs, including two games of Jinx, so there is a foundation to build on. It remains to be seen if he and Crisp will be able to mount a counteroffensive to this dangerous squad.


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LPL Summer 2023 Format

  • Group Stage
    • Single round robin
    • All matches are Bo3
    • Top 10 advanced to Playoffs
  • Playoffs
    • Phase One: King-of-the-Hill
      • 3rd – 10th seeded teams from Group Stage: Divided into two brackets to play a King-of-the-Hill format
        • 3rd, 6th, 7th and 10th seed are in one bracket (the first bracket), the other 4 seeds are in the other
        • The winners advance to Phase Two
        • The winner of the first bracket faces 2nd seed team in the Double-Elimination Stage, the other faces the 1st seed
    • Phase Two: Double-Elimination
      • Four teams play in a Double-Elimination format to compete for the championship
    • All matches are Bo5
  • Free Side Selection Privilege
    • The teams have Free Side Selection Privilege can choose which three games of the Bo5 series to pick the side

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