2023 League of Legends Summer Split Betting Preview: JD Gaming vs. Bilibili Gaming

2023 League of Legends Summer Split Betting Preview: JD Gaming vs. Bilibili Gaming

If there exists a perfect match up in the 2023  LPL Summer season, it would have to be this one. A rematch of China’s two Mid Season Invitational teams is in store for us this weekend, with champions JD Gaming taking on the second-place finishers, Bilibili Gaming.

While JD Gaming secured the prize at MSI, Bilibili Gaming is off to the races so far in this LPL season, with five wins in their first five series, only dropping three games total. 

With Bilibli Gaming out for revenge from their loss at MSI, and both teams in contention for the Summer Split championship, this is shaping up to be a thriller.

MyBookie has the LoL betting lines as they will be playing a best-of-three series, with the winners facing off against the winners of the JD Gaming vs. Bilibili Gaming.


2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Preview: JD Gaming vs. Bilibili Gaming | MyBookie eSports Betting Preview

LPL 2023 Summer
Organizer: Tencent Games
Location: China Venue: Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Beijing
Format: Single Round Robin / Matches are best of three

JD Gaming vs. Bilibili Gaming | LPL Regular season


Top Lane

369 loves his K’Sante, with six games on the champion so far this season, paired with five on Ornn. It has been interesting to watch JD Gaming shift away from the reliance on Sion top, but it has so far worked out wonderfully for the team.

Bin has been a huge question mark for Bilibli, failing to establish a reliable meta champion in the early stages. With four games of Gragas and two each of Gnar, Jax, and Malphite, his 43% kill participation leaves much to be desired.



Kanavi continues to shake off his post-tournament win rust, with a modest 4.8 KDA and 64% kill participation. It is strange to see the person who many consider the best jungler in the world putting in a string of quiet performances, but it has yet to affect JD Gaming’s ability to win matches.

XUN of Bilibili, on the other hand, has been a monster so far. His four games on Kha’Zix have provided a unique draft advantage for the squad, and he has a 71% kill participation score and 7.2 KDA to show for it. Expect Kha’Zix along with Vi and Wukong to be the hotly-contested champs in this matchup.


Mid Lane

Knight has solidified Annie as a go-to pick in recent matches, bringing his total games played on the champion to six. He has an impressive 27% damage share on this team, thanks to his great mid-game presence and a keen eye for roams.

Yagao has done a nice job of playing Neeko and Annie in equal amounts, with a KDA of 5 for his troubles. He has also utilized mid Jayce twice so far this split, giving Bilibli Gaming a nice draft advantage over Knight.


Bot Lane

Ruler has kept JD Gaming afloat this tournament, with six Xayah games and four Aphelios games keeping him at his best. Missing has also done a wonderful job as support, with seven games of Rakan and two more on Thresh, making him a huge engage threat.

Elk and ON have been dominant, with the latter posting a 78% kill participation score for Bilibli. The struggles in the top lane have been adequately hidden by this duo, but it remains to be seen if they can go toe-to-toe with Ruler and Missing.

Final Prediction: JD Gaming | Online LPL 2023 Lines
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