LoL Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview - Bilibili Gaming vs. Gen.G

LoL Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview – Bilibili Gaming vs. Gen.G

League of Legends’ 2023 MSI tournament is down to its final four teams, and China and Korea are once again dominating international play. Bilibli Gaming and Gen.G find themselves in the lower bracket after losing to their domestic rivals, and both teams are aiming for a redemption arc.

These two teams rank among the best farming teams in the tournament, as they hold three of the five highest GPM records in the tournament, so expect a slugfest.

With international bragging rights on the line, these two teams should produce an amazing series. Get the MyBookie will have the LoL betting lines as they willl be playing a best-of-five series, with the winners facing off against the winners of the Bilibli Gaming – Gen.G series.


League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview: Bilibili Gaming vs. Gen.G | MyBookie eSports Betting Preview

MSI 2023
Organizer: Riot Games
Location: Venue: Copper Box Arena | Hackney, London, England
Format: Play-In Stage: Double Elimination | Bracket Stage: Double Elimination


Top Lane

Bilibli’s Bin has been solid in the top lane for the Chinese squad at this tournament, with three games each on Gnar and Jax. He can struggle to get involved in the vision game, however, preferring to split push.

Gen.G’s Doran also tends to play isolated from the rest of this team, posing an interesting split-push matchup here. He has played nine unique champions at this tournament, giving the Korean side extra versatility.



XUN has a whopping six games on Vi this tournament, and there’s no arguing with the results. His 65% kill participation score is proof of the dominant impact he has on games for this Bilibli squad.

Peanut continues to be one of the all-time greats in the jungle, and his 2023 MSI is no different. He holds a 6.2 KDA score and a 68.4% kill participation rate, on the back of four Wukong games. Gen.G likes to focus their play around top side and securing Rift Herald, averaging one and a half Rifts per game.


Mid Lane

Yagao and Ahri are quietly having an amazing tournament together, with the mid-laner piloting the champion across five games. Beyond Ahri, Yagao is struggling to find a reliable second option, with Nautilus, Lissandra, and Syndra all being played twice with mixed results.

Chovy is a global superstar, and the numbers back it up. His 7.7 KDA has been massive for Gen.G, and he completely dismantled Europe’s G2 in the previous serious. Ahri has been a comfort pick in four games, but watch out for his dominant Lissandra, which he has piloted to two wins out of two tries so far.

Both mid laner will contest Ahri, but there is no denying Chovy’s skill compared to Yagao, and this is a major advantage for Gen.G.


Bottom Lane

Bilibili love to play the game through bot side, with Elk and ON both featuring kill participation scores over 70%, with the latter approaching 80%. They have six games each on Aphelios and Lulu, and the hyperscaling combo allows them to soak up all of the gold on the map.

Peyz and Delight might be outmatched in this lane, but they are no slouches themselves. Peyz has a KDA of 5.2 on six games of Jynx, and Delight has done a nice job of keeping Rakan as a relevant option for their drafts.

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MSI 2023 Participants

Qualified for Bracket Stage
Region Seed Pool Team Qualification Date Qualification Path
KR Korea 1 1 ⁠⁠Gen.G 2023-04-08 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCK 2023 Spring Champion
2 3 ⁠⁠T1 2023-04-01 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCK 2023 Spring Runner-Up
CN China 1 1 ⁠⁠JD Gaming 2023-04-09 (Q)
2023-04-15 (Seed)
LPL 2023 Spring Champion
EMEA EMEA 1 2 ⁠⁠MAD Lions 2023-04-23 LEC 2023 Spring Champion
NA North America 1 2 ⁠⁠Cloud9 2023-03-30 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCS 2023 Spring Champion
INT Mid-Season Invitational Q 3 2023-05-04 Play-In Stage Group A Winner
Q 3 2023-05-04 Play-In Stage Group B Winner
Q 3 2023-05-07 Play-In Stage LCQ Winner

Qualified for Play-In Stage
Region Seed Pool Team Qualification Date Qualification Path
CN China 2 1 ⁠⁠Bilibili Gaming 2023-04-11 (Q)
2023-04-15 (Seed)
LPL 2023 Spring Runner-Up
EMEA EMEA 2 1 ⁠⁠G2 Esports 2023-02-26 (Q)
2023-04-21 (Seed)
LEC 2023 Winter Champion
NA North America 2 2 ⁠⁠Golden Guardians 2023-04-08 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCS 2023 Spring Runner-Up
PCS TW/HK/MC/SEA/OCE 1 2 ⁠⁠PSG Talon 2023-04-09 PCS 2023 Spring Champion
VN Vietnam 1 3 ⁠⁠GAM Esports 2023-04-23 VCS 2023 Spring Champion
JP Japan 1 3 ⁠⁠DetonatioN FocusMe 2023-04-15 LJL 2023 Spring Champion
BR Brazil 1 4 ⁠⁠LOUD 2023-04-15 CBLOL 2023 Split 1 Champion
LAT Latin America 1 4 ⁠⁠Movistar R7 2023-04-14 LLA 2023 Opening Champion

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