2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Preview of Week 8: Weibo Gaming vs. Edward Gaming

2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Preview of Week 8: Weibo Gaming vs. Edward Gaming

The summer split of LPL continues to be one of the most exciting seasons in all of esports this year. While Bilibili gaming stands uncontested in 1st place, every other spot in the standings is up for grabs as teams try to settle into playoff spots.

Weibo Gaming vs. Edward Gaming is shaping up to be a thriller of a match this weekend. Both teams have eight wins to their name so far, though Weibo Gaming boasts a better overall map win rate. Additionally, both teams enter the match on win streaks, ensuring we get a barnburner.

MyBookie has the LoL betting lines as we look at Weibo Gaming vs. Edward Gaming, who will meet in the final two rounds of the eighth week of the split.


2023 LPL Summer Split Betting Preview of Week 8: Weibo Gaming vs. Edward Gaming | MyBookie eSports Lol Betting Preview

2023 League of Legends Pro League Group Stage | Week 8
Weibo Gaming vs. Edward Gaming
July 17th, 2023 at 5:00 a.m. EDT


Top Lane

Weibo Gaming’s strong season has been in large part to the unique top lane play of Korean import TheShy. He has a whopping ten games on Renekton, bringing the Shuriman crocodile into the limelight. He has a lackluster kill participation score of 47% but knows how to do his job as a weakside top laner.

Edward Gaming’s Ale is also fully onboard the Renekton train, playing the champion in five straight matches as part of 10 overall games this season. He was dominant against FPX and LGD but will need to prove his worth against tougher competition in TheShy.



Weiwei of Weibo Gaming has done an excellent job in the jungle. He boasts a 71.6% kill participation score to go along with an impressive ten matches on Wukong—additionally, his 4.3 KDA ranks among the best in the entire division.

One point of weakness for Weiwei is his lackluster damage share. With just 13% of the damage, his game is more about setting up for his laners during ganks, leading him to struggle in drawn-out fights.

Jiejie of Edward Gaming holds a 72.9% kill participation score, serving as the engine for Edward Gaming in the early and mid-game. He’s done it with a diverse mix of champions, including Sejuani, Wukong, and Maokai all with at least six matches played.


Mid Lane

Xiaohu of Webibo Gaming features one of the most unique and diversified champion pools in the entire division. His recent love is Tristana mid, a rare marksman champion that can thrive in the role. He can play everything from Annie to Gragas to Azir, doing it all with a 74% kill participation score.

FoFo of Edward Gaming has completed his full shift from K’Sante mid to Azir mid, with seven games compiled on the Shuriman emperor now. This shift has been a big part of his improved KDA and kills participation scores in recent weeks, and the Taiwanese mid-laner still has room to grow.


Bot Lane

Light continues to be a huge threat on Aphelios, with 12 matches so far this season.

Uzi has finally come back to Earth for Edward gaming, posting strong KDAs in recent weeks on a mix of champions, including Aphelios, Xayah, and Ashe. Meiko has enjoyed this resurgence as well, with a 75% kill participation score and an impressive eight total games on Rakan this split.

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LPL Summer 2023 Week 8 Stage Games

Date Time Round Home   Away
Friday, July 17 5:00 a.m. Week 7 Royal Never Give Up vs. LGD Gaming
Friday, July 17 7:00 a.m. Week 7 Weibo Gaming vs. EDward Gaming
Friday, July 17 7:00 a.m. Week 7 Anyone’s Legend vs. Oh My God

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