Top CSGO Matches to Bet On 2022 ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D Betting Analysis

Top CSGO Matches to Bet On: 2022 ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D Betting Analysis

Mybookie returns with free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting predictions for two matches at ESL Pro League Season 16 on Thursday, September 22. Here are our eSports Betting picks for Cloud9 vs. Eternal Fire and Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses.

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Cloud9 vs Eternal Fire

Cloud9 made easy work of Evil Geniuses in the opening round of ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D matches, winning the series 2-0. The first map (Inferno 16-12) was relatively close, but Cloud9 took over the game on Dust II, which they won with a commanding 11-round lead (16-5).

Although a phenomenal performance from Cloud9, it’s not like they achieved a lot with that win, knowing that Evil Geniuses are one of the weaker teams in group D. So while Cloud9 showed that they can defeat weaker squads, they will have to show a bit more to make it past Eternal Fire.

Eternal Fire are one of the outsiders and definitely not one of the top squads at ESL Pro League. However, they can be very dangerous underdogs, having claimed many big scalps in the past – the only issue is that Eternal Fire aren’t the most consistent team.

Eternal Fire are more than capable of competing with the best teams in the world, but they heavily rely on XANTARES and woxic having a good day and carrying their team. So even though you shouldn’t trust Eternal Fire to consistently deliver, they are a very dangerous underdog that can, on a good day, beat anyone.

At the current CS:GO betting odds, we like our chances with Eternal Fire to win at least one map against Cloud9. Although Cloud9 should win, seeing them drop 12 rounds against Evil Geniuses leads us to believe that they can easily lose a map against the Turkish squad.

Prediction: Eternal Fire +1.5 maps

Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

Team Liquid are, besides Cloud9, the strongest team in Group D and arguably one of the best teams attending ESL Pro League Season 16.

They’ve had a rough year, failing to win any notable tournaments, but Team Liquid found their form last month when they made it through BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2022, just a month after placing top-six at IEM Cologne.

Results like that show that Liquid are a top-tier team, and knowing that Evil Geniuses are one of the weakest squads in the tournament, it would be fair to assume that this match should end in a very quick 2-0 sweep. That might happen, but we’re looking at a regional derby.

Even though Evil Geniuses have achieved significantly less than Team Liquid this season and are undeniably in worse form, matches between two regional rivals tend to be much closer than how they seem.

Of the last three meetings between Liquid and Evil Geniuses, we saw one series go to three maps and one Bo1 match ending in overtime – which perfectly illustrates our point.

As weak as Evil Geniuses might be, forcing a three-map series against a regional rival, which EG players know well, is a very achievable goal.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses +1.5 maps


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