Top League of Legends Matches to Bet On LCS 2022 Summer - TSM v 100T, EG v CLG Analysis

Top League of Legends Matches to Bet On: LCS 2022 Summer – TSM v 100T, EG v CLG Analysis

MyBookie is back with free Sports Online betting previews for a pair of League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2022 Summer matches. Today, we look at TSM vs 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses vs CLG. Let’s get right to it so you can bet against their League of Legends Odds.

Top LoL Games to Wager on Saturday, July 23rd | LCS 2022 Summer Predictions & Betting Analysis

TSM vs 100 Thieves

TSM enter the fifth week of LCS 2022 Summer with the third-worst record in the league, having managed just three wins from the opening nine outings. On a more positive note, TSM won their last match against FlyQuest on Sunday, which isn’t particularly impressive, but they at least gained some confidence ahead of the tough match ahead.

100 Thieves are considered one of LCS’s top teams, and according to their showings, they might be. 100T are not exactly as good as Evil Geniuses, but with a 6-3 record, they still deserve some respect. However, while 100 Thieves have been playing well this season, they haven’t established themselves as a very consistent team.

While 100T have had games where they completely destroyed their opponents, there were games in which 100T shot themselves in the foot and limped across the finish line. Admittedly, consistency hasn’t been 100 Thieves’ strongest suit this season, but even in games where they performed suboptimally, their superior individual quality was enough to get 100T the win.

Knowing how up-and-down 100T can be, the question for this match is not which team is stronger but which version of 100 Thieves we will get. Comparing the two rosters, 100 Thieves are clearly much superior, and with TSM losing their top laner, it’s fair to feel a bit scared about their chances of upsetting 100T.

But since Huni stepped down, TSM have looked better – perhaps it’s just a honeymoon phase – and whatever the reason for that might be, TSM gave us hope that they might do better in the final four weeks of the split. We wouldn’t bet on TSM winning, but if they can emulate their performance from last week, TSM should keep this match relatively close.

Prediction: TSM +5.5 kills

Evil Geniuses vs CLG

Evil Geniuses were the best NA team last split, and they have retained that tag four weeks into the LCS 2022 Summer. With an 8-1 record, EG are two wins clear of 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, and as long as they can keep playing with the same tempo, EG should be crowned the regular-season champions.

CLG are by no means one of the teams that will contest the LCS crown, but they are definitely the biggest surprise of the year. As an organization that has not achieved anything in years, CLG found their stride in LCS 2022 Summer and now enter the fifth week of play with a 5-4 record, which is good for fourth place in the standings.

But while CLG have been very effective in beating lesser teams, they haven’t done much against LCS top dogs. Over the last two weeks, CLG have picked up a win against Immortals but lost against Cloud9, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves – the pattern is clear.

CLG deserve a lot of praise for what they’ve shown this season, and it is undeniably exciting to follow this team to see how high they can fly. But despite their improvement, it’s rather clear that they don’t possess the talent to compete with the top teams.

You don’t have to do anything fancy when betting on this match. Evil Geniuses are vastly superior and far too consistent to be losing against mid-table teams. Take the defending LCS champions to win this game with plenty to spare.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses -8.5 kills


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