Formula 1 Betting Update Current Standings, Drivers Who Failed, Prediction for the Last Races

Formula 1 Betting Update: Current Standings, Drivers Who Failed, Prediction for the Last Races

Written by on October 26, 2022

When you are a fan of a particular sport, but don’t really have a favorite team or athlete, the hope is that the battle for a championship goes all the way down to the final week of the season. On the flipside, teams and athletes don’t care about that and want nothing more than to get things wrapped up as quickly as possible. That is what Max Verstappen has done this season in Formula 1, winning his 2nd consecutive world championship with plenty of time to spare. While he may be the champion, there are still plenty of things to race for, and you can bet that the other drivers will want to finish as high in the standings as possible. Let’s take a look back at the season and how things might play out in the final few races so you can keep betting against the Formula 1 Odds.

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Current F1 Standings with 3 Races Remaining

It is not surprising to see Max Verstappen repeat as champion, but you do have to say that it’s more than a little surprising that his winning it all was never really in doubt. Verstappen has been dominant from start to finish, and while he may shrug it off, you can bet that he is looking to win at least 1 more race. He already has 13 wins on the season, tied for Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel for the best ever in a single season, so expect him to beat that record.

Charles Leclerc, who got off to a fast start this season, is sitting in 2nd in the standings at the moment, just 2 points up on Sergio Perez in 3rd. Realistically, this is likely to be the drivers who finish in the top 3, as the gap between them and the chasing pack is wide enough as to be close to impossible to close in just 3 races.

Predictions for the Remainder of the Season

We already know that Verstappen is the champion and that he is more than likely going to break the single season wins record. If he can manage to do that in the next race, he might be inclined to help Perez finish 2nd overall. They are, after all, teammates with Red Bull Racing and they would love nothing more than a clean sweep at the top. That would leave Leclerc finishing 3rd overall, and while he is likely to be disappointed with that after such a great start, the reality is that Verstappen was never going to be taken out.

In terms of failure for the season, you really need to be looking at Lewis Hamilton and Team Mercedes. Hamilton is currently sitting down in 6th, which is a surprise in itself, but he has also yet to win a race this season. In his time in Formula 1, Hamilton has never had a season where he has failed to win a race. Sure, it would be small consolation for a very poor season, but you know he will be going all out in the final 3 races of the year to try and keep that impressive win streak alive.

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