Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds Favorites, Betting Analysis and Picks

If you were going to make a bet on the Formula 1 World Championship at this stage of the proceedings, you probably wouldn’t be betting on who will win. Instead, the wager would likely be about when the championship will be clinched. The harsh reality is that, barring some major disaster, Verstappen will clinch his 3rd straight title sooner rather than later. There are still plenty of races to come, but the champ is on such a roll that the idea of anyone catching him at this point seems rather ridiculous. With the championship all but decided, we now turn out attention to the individual races, with the first of those coming this weekend in Hungary. The F1 odds are available for this race, and there are no real surprises, so let’s take a look.


Formula 1 Picks and Analysis: Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 | F1 Lines by MyBookie

When: Sunday, July 23 at 8:55 am ET
Where: Hungaroring
TV / Streaming: ESPN, ESPN+


Max Verstappen

For the other drivers taking part in F1, it must be somewhat soul destroying to watch what Verstappen is doing this season. He heads to Hungary on a run that has seen him win each of the last 6 races. As if that were not bad enough, he has won 2 more besides those victories, while finishing 2nd in the other two races this season. That is about as close to perfect as you can get without actually nailing it. Looking ahead, we all look for races and locations where he might be beatable, but those are hard to find. Verstappen won the Hungarian Grand Prix last season, and that combined with his current form makes him a clear favorite.

Betting Pick: -350 | Bet Max Verstappen to Win Today
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Sergio Perez

In an interview earlier this week, Perez admitted that he is in a bit of a slump, which is not good news when you consider that he looked like the driver most likely to challenge Verstappen in the championship battle. The fact of the matter, though, is that Perez is falling off the pace after failing to land on the podium in 3 of the last 4 races. This is a driver who has won both races that Verstappen failed to win this season, so he cannot be fully counted out despite running 5th in Hungary last year.

Betting Pick: +1100 | Bet Sergio Perez to Win Today
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Lewis Hamilton

A few short years ago, the idea of Hamilton becoming something of an afterthought in betting on F1 would have seemed ridiculous, but that is exactly where we are, at least in terms of his winning races. Hamilton, for the first time in his F1 career, went winless in an entire season in 2022, and that winless streak has carried over into this season. That’s a long drought, and one that seems unlikely to end when you consider how strong Red Bull Racing has been over the past couple of years.

Betting Pick: +1400 | Bet Lewis Hamilton to Win Today
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Fernando Alonso

Alonso has arguably been the best story of the 2023 F1 season, with the former champion turning back the clock and putting in some solid performances. The one thing that Alonso does not have this season is a win, although he has been a consistent podium finisher. Taking him to win this weekend would be a massive leap of faith, so I would be more likely to put a few bucks on him landing on the podium in Hungary as opposed to winning outright.

Betting Pick: +1400 | Bet Lewis Hamilton to Win Today
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Driver Standings
1 Max Verstappen 255 points Red Bull
2 Sergio Perez 156 points Red Bull
3 Fernando Alonso 137 points Aston Martin
4 Lewis Hamilton 121 points Mercedes
5 Carlos Sainz 83 points Ferrari
Teams Standings
1 Red Bull 411 points
2 Mercedes 203 points
3 Aston Martin 181 points
4 Ferrari 157 points
5 McLaren Mercedes 59 points

2023 F1 Calendar

Round Date Betting Formula 1
Hungary GP July 23 Bet On F1
Belgium GP July 30 Bet On F1
Netherlands GP August 27 Bet On F1
Italy GP September 3 Bet On F1
Singapore GP September 17 Bet On F1
Japan GP September 23 Bet On F1
Qatar GP October 8 Bet On F1
USA GP October 22 Bet On F1
Mexico GP October 29 Bet On F1
Brazil GP November 5 Bet On F1
Las Vegas GP November 18 Bet On F1
Abu Dhabi GP November 26 Bet On F1

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