Top Formula 1 Races to Bet On the 2022 Season

Top Formula 1 Races to Bet On the 2022 Season

Written by on January 14, 2022

It feels as though we are still in recovery mode after a thrilling 2021 Formula 1 season, but we are already starting to look ahead to the coming season, which is just a couple of months away. The big question at this point is the status of Lewis Hamilton. Reports suggest that he is somewhat disillusioned after the controversy at the end of the final race of the season, which cost him a record setting 8th World Championship. There is a sense that this will fade and that he will return to once again do battle with Max Verstappen, as well as potentially some revenge. We will keep an eye on that situation for sure, but for now, let’s look ahead to some of the top races in the upcoming F1 calendar so you can plan your bets against the Formula 1 Odds.

Top Races for 2022 Calendar | Formula 1 Betting

You can’t talk about the big races in the coming season without mentioning the opening race of 2022. That one will be held in Bahrain on March 20. This probably comes as a surprise to F1 fans who are used to seeing the Bahrain Grand Prix come much later in the season. That, though, is just the first of the big events to come in 2022.

The next race that jumps out is the Miami Grand Prix, as this is a new addition to the schedule and one that has F1 fans in the US drooling just a little. This one lands on May 8 and is the first of 3 races to be held in North America this coming season. The other two are in Canada and Austin, which is good news for fans in this part of the world who are a little wary about traveling too far.

Not long after the Miami race, we will have the most iconic race on the F1 calendar. That, of course, is the Monaco Grand Prix. This is a race that captures the imagination of the fans and is arguably the toughest of all the courses on the schedule, as it takes place on the tight city streets of Monaco. There is just something very cool about seeing race cars tearing through the streets of this beautiful location.

Once we get into the month of July, we are looking at a 7-race stretch of races in Europe. The British Grand Prix is the first of that batch, which will be followed by pit stops in Austria, France, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Russia. It is a crucial stretch of races for the drivers, as this is potentially where championships can be won or lost.

At this point, there will be 6 races left on the Formula 1 schedule, assuming that we don’t see any postponements along the way. There will be stops in Singapore, Japan, the US, Mexico, and Brazil before we arrive at the final race of the season. As always, this will be in Abu Dhabi, with fans probably hoping that the title is still on the line by the time the drivers line up for this grand prix. It’s going to be another huge season and we will be doing our best to cover all the races in 2022.

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