Updated 2023 FIBA World Cup Odds to Win

Updated 2023 FIBA World Cup Odds to Win

The rest of the world has almost caught up to the United States. Although the Americans remain the team to beat to win the FIBA World Cup, teams like Australia, France, and Spain offer middle of the road odds to upset the United States. Not only that, but Team USA is at -125 and even if dollars fly to the Americans, they’re likely to go off no worse than -150 to win the trophy.

With that in mind, check out FIBA World Cup basketball odds and a tournament analysis.


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2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup | 19th edition of the FIBA World Cup for men’s national basketball teams
Friday, August 25th – Sunday, September 10th, 2023
Host countries: Philippines, Japan, Indonesia


Is the U.S. an Overlay or Underlay to Win the 2023 FIBA World Cup?

The United States has a ton of talent, like always. But lest we forget, team USA finished third in the last FIBA World Cup. So we shouldn’t be too excited about backing the Americans.

Another reason the U.S. is an underlay? There isn’t a ton of international experience. The main big has to be Paolo Banchero, who was a rookie in the NBA last season.

If Anthony Edwards performs the way he can, 30 to 40 points a night, he will lead this squad to at least the semifinals. But teams like Germany and France have more NBA player experience, not just overall hoops experience. So at even money or less, the United States is an underlay.

FIBA World Cup Best Pick: USA -125 | Bet USA to Win Title
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Top Plays Without the United States

Best Bet: Germany +2000

The Germans had a 16 point lead over the Americans in a recent game. The only reason Team USA came back was because of a gargantuan effort by Anthony Edwards.

If not for Edwards heroics, the odds on the Germans, and the U.S., would be much different. This squad has plenty of NBA talent led by Toronto point guard Denis Schroeder, Orlando Magic brother duo Franz Wagner and Moritz Wagner, and Indiana Pacers forward Daniel Theis.

Olimpia Milano star Johanes Voigtmann will, not should, will have a tremendous World Cup. Getting 20-to-1 on this team probably isn’t possible at this point, but even if the odds are cut in half, Germany is still the best bet.

FIBA World Cup Best Pick: Germany +2000 | Bet Germany to Win Title
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Second Pick: France +1000

Rudy Gobert remains one of the NBA’s top centers. But Rudy isn’t the only player on this team that can take charge. Nicolas Batum is good enough to run the point, play power or play small forward.

Batum’s versatility makes this squad a legit contender. If Batum and Gobert can get a nice 2-man game going, watch out. Again, the U.S. has talent, but it lacks NBA experience talent. France has that and then some.

FIBA World Cup Second Pick: France +1000 | Bet France to Win Title
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Third Pick: Serbia +1400

The Serbs don’t have as much overall talent as Germany or France, but the best hoops player on the planet throws down for Serbia.

Nikola Jokic is the best player on the hardcourt in the world. It’s not close, which is why as long as Joker plays for Serbia, the Serbs will challenge for the FIBA World Cup title. He’s the only player in this tournament that can, and this a legit statement, do it all by himself.

The odds, though, make Serbia less than the best bet, which is why we’re going with Serbia as our third pick.

FIBA World Cup Third Pick: Serbia +1400 | Bet Serbia to Win Title
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