Golf 2022 The Match Betting Analysis & Odds: Mahomes/Allen v Brady/Rodgers

Golf 2022 The Match Betting Analysis & Odds: Mahomes/Allen v Brady/Rodgers

What started as a round of golf between two of the best golfers of all time, has now blossomed into must-see television. I don’t think anyone could have imagined what “The Match” would turn into after Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson played for a large amount of money. The game has grown to players that are not even affiliated with the PGA Tour or are even professional golfers. 

In this year’s match, we have four NFL quarterbacks getting ready to take their game, trash talk, and rivalries to the golf course. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills will team up against Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

This is the sixth showing of the event and it will be broadcasted on TNT. The two teams will play the best ball, making each player play their own ball and the teams will take the lowest score. Unlike in years past, the match will only be 12 holes this year. Let’s have a closer look at it so you can bet against the Golf Odds.

Golf Odds Preview for 2022 The Match | PGA Tour Betting

Team Mahomes and Allen

While Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are no strangers to the big stage, we will see the two upfront and close in situations they have never been in before. Both players have played in many celebrity golf tournaments including the American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe. This will be new for both Mahomes and Allen because each shot will be broadcasted across the United States for everyone to see and talk about. 

Patrick Mahomes has won a Super Bowl but has lost in the Super Bowl to Tom Brady as well. This would be somewhat of a revenge game for Mahomes if he and Allen are able to knock off Brady and Rodgers. 

Mahomes is listed as a 7.7 handicap, which is the second-best of the four golfers. His partner, Josh Allen, has the worst handicap of the group sitting at a 9. The two rising stars of the group are looking to take down the older and wiser group of quarterbacks. 

Team Brady and Rodgers

The advantage in this match lies with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. As we mentioned that this will be the debut for Mahomes and Allen in “The Match,” both Brady and Rodgers have previously played in this event before, with Brady having played twice. The two actually played against each other in the match when they paired up with Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson. 

Tom Brady has one of the more memorable shots in The Match history, when he holed out from the fairway to make birdie against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Brady was paired with Mickelson as well in that event. 

In the match against Brady, Rodgers and DeChambeau knocked off Brady and Mickelson, sending Brady’s record to 0-2 in the match. Needless to say, Brady will be looking to end his losing streak and Rodgers is looking to continue his. Rodgers holds the best handicap of the group with a  4.6 and Brady holding an 8.1 handicap. 

The Match Odds

With this being the first time that neither side has a professional golfer and the fact that the event is only 12 holes, that will make it difficult on those placing bets. 

The old guys have the advantage in The Match this year when looking at the betting lines. Experience could make all the difference in the world this week for Rodgers and Brady and we are not talking about experience on the gridiron. 


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