Canadian Football League 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Top Games to Bet On Week 15

Canadian Football League 2022 Grey Cup Odds and Top Games to Bet On Week 15

Check out the week 15 updated Grey Cup odds and the best games to bet against the CFL Odds. With only three games featured, it can be ensured that this will be an epic unreal of Canadian football! 

Updated 2022 Grey Cup Betting Odds and Top Matches Heading Into Week 15 of the CFL Regular Season

TIER 1: The Favorites

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers: -110

It is now official. The Bombers are now in negative odds! Is this a shock at this point? No but it is rather crazy considering the postseason picture is not even formed yet. No team, besides the Alouettes, has beaten this team, while many have come close.

There is no reason to bet on this team. They are the clear-cut favorite and have not moved down since the first week. But a three-peat? You are asking for a lot here. The expectations are lofty, and the pressure is mounting on this team. They have narrowly escaped a number of matches and have blown out a minimal number of teams. They are a tad overrated. 

  • Toronto Argonauts: +400

How did the Argos jump this high? No eastern division team has been this high at any point this year. The Argos are the clear favorite out of the east. The most commonly predicted Grey Cup match is Toronto vs Winnipeg. What can go wrong?

Toronto is exhibiting an excellent amount of promise. Both sides of the ball are well rounded, and the other teams in their division continue to fade away. Could they beat Winnipeg in the Grey Cup to prevent a three-peat? If you believe so, +400 is an excellent value!

  • Calgary Stampeders: +425

Most of Calgary has had enough of the Winnipeg talk. The stamps were undermined until Nathan Rourke went down. Now is the time where Calgary shows up the rest of the league and proves the league wrong. If not Winnipeg, then who? It will likely be the Stampeders.

This is an incredible value pick. The Bombers have been too heavily favored. The Stamps could easily bring them down. +425 could pay massive dividends in the future. Jake Maier could potentially take down the defending champs! 

TIER 2: Middle of the Pack

  • B.C Lions: +650

Falling off a cliff now, are we? BC has been falling since Rourke got injured last week. Even with the W last week, they cannot fend off the others getting better. Vernon Adams needs to turn this ship around. +650 is good value, but this team has yet to prove itself under new leadership. 

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders: +950

The Roughriders are still in this. The Roughriders are the best dark horse team in the CFL right now. The offense is elite when healthy, and the defense has still been dominant. So what are we waiting for? Bet on what a team could be, not what they are now. Hammering that +950 could do wonders!

TIER 3: Down but not out

  • Montréal Alouettes: +1400

Montreal needs a turnaround for the ages if they look to contend against the big dogs in the postseason. Montreal poses a threat to Toronto in the eastern Grey Cup race. Betting on this team would be a huge risk with a huge upside. 

TIER 4: Bottom Feeders

  • Ottawa Redblacks: +5500 and Hamilton Tiger-Cats: +5500, and Edmonton Elks: +20000

Now three teams are down here yet again! None of these should be a shock, as they have been circling around this area for the whole season. So disappointing. 

Week 15 Best Bets

  • Edmonton Elks vs Saskatchewan Roughriders (-7.5)

The week will likely start with a West division blowout on Friday. The Roughriders are going to kick it into high gear right in the face of the Elk fandom. 

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