World Men’s Handball Championship Betting Odds and Picks for the 2023 Final Round

World Men’s Handball Championship Betting Odds and Picks for the 2023 Final Round

The World Men’s Handball Championship Final Round starts on Wednesday, Jan. 25 and then ends on Sunday, Jan. 29. Heading into the final round, Denmark is the chalk at even money, followed by Sweden at +350, and France at +450. Will the Danes get it done? Or is the handball title destined to end up in a different nation’s grasp? See below for Handball Odds, analysis, and free picks for the 2023 World Men’s Handball Championship.

2023 World Men’s Handball Championship Betting Opportunities and Top Picks to Wager On

2023 World Men’s Handball Championship – Final Round

  • When: Wednesday, Jan. 25 – Sunday, Jan. 29
  • Where: Poland & Sweden 

2023 World Men’s Handball Championship to Win Odds

  • Denmark +100
  • Sweden +350
  • France +450
  • Norway +1000
  • Spain +1100
  • Germany +2500
  • Egypt +4000
  • Hungary +10000

2021 World Men’s Handball Championship Recap

The last World Men’s Handball Championship tournament happened back in 2021. Egypt hosted the event.

The final came down to the favorites to win this year’s tournament, Denmark and Sweden. The Danes beat the Swedes 26-24 in a highly competitive match. 

Spain beat France 35-29 to win third place. The French finished fourth. 

Top Pick: Denmark +100

Denmark should have no trouble besting Hungary in their quarterfinal’s matchup. Then once the Danes dispatch of the Hungarians, they’ll likely take on Spain in the semifinals.

Denmark has always sent top teams to the World Men’s Handball Championships. But the difference since 2019 is that Denmark has won back-to-back titles and is searching for their third straight.

The gold standard in handball championships won’t disappoint. Denmark is so focused that the even money odds make the Danes an overlay. 

Second Choice: France +450

During the 2000s, France has dominated this competition. The French won the title in 2001, 2009, 2011, 2015, and 2017. 

France finished third in 2019 and then fourth in 2021. The trend suggests France’s men’s handball program is going downhill. But France can bounce back big time this week.

The bracket suggests France has a big shot to face Denmark in the finals. Give France a chance.  

Third Choice: Sweden +350

Sweden is on the same side of the bracket as France. So, if you prefer the Swedes over the French, consider the +350 shot a legit contender to win it all. 

Sweden finished runner up in 2021. The finish in the last Handball World Championships, isn’t the only reason to like Sweden. The Swedes have home court advantage since they’re hosting the tournament along with Poland.  

Top Underdog Play: Spain +1100

Spain’s third-place finish in 2021 suggests they push Denmark in the likely semifinal between the two teams.

The Spanish must get by Norway, which should happen. If the handball El Rojo does beat the Norwegians, they’ll face Denmark. So, here’s the thing: if the Spanish could get by the Danes, what would stop them from winning the entire tournament?

Give the 2021 third place team a much better chance of winning the 2023 World Men’s Handball Championship than the +1100 odds indicate.

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