IndyCar 2022 Sonsio Grand Prix Betting Picks, Analysis and Prediction

IndyCar 2022 Sonsio Grand Prix Betting Picks, Analysis and Prediction

We are fast approaching the midway point of the IndyCar season and we have a great battle going on at the top of the driver standings. It is Will Power who is holding onto the top spot at the moment, but his lead is just 3 points, so we could see things change quite often over the coming weeks and months. This weekend, the drivers will be on the road for the Sonsio Grand Prix at Road America. This is a challenging road race and one that is always fun to watch. By the time this race, which is set to go at 12:30 PM EST on Sunday afternoon, we may see a change in how things look at the top of the driver standings. For now, let’s take a closer look at the current top 4.

IndyCar Betting Analysis and Prediction for the Sonsio Grand Prix Race at Road America

Will Power

Last season was one that Will Power quickly needed to erase from his memory, as his 9th place overall finish was his worst showing since the 2009 season. There may have been some who believed that his time as one of the top drivers in IndyCar might be coming to an end, but if this season is anything to go by, this is a driver who still has a lot in the tank. Through the first 5 races of the season, he never finished worse than 4th. He followed that with his worst performance of the year before bouncing back to take the win in Detroit in the last. He has landed on the podium in each of the last 2 years in this race.

Marcus Ericsson

It took Ericsson a moment to find his feet after moving over from F1 to IndyCar, but he had a breakthrough last season, which was his 3rd year in the sport. He won a couple of races and ended up finishing 6th overall in the driver standings. He made his mark on the 2022 season by winning the Indianapolis 500, but he was unable to follow that up in a big way, finishing 7th in Detroit. He has been consistent enough in this race, finishing 4th and 6th, respectively, in the last 2 years.

Pato O’Ward

In his first full season in IndyCar, O’Ward made it clear that he was going to quickly become a challenger, finishing 4th overall in 2020. He went one better last season, finishing 3rd overall, and he is once again up among the leaders as we head into Race 8 of the season. It was a bit of a slower start for O’Ward in 2022, but he broke out with a win in Alabama before landing on the podium one more time. He was 9tj on this race last season, but he had a 2nd place run in the year prior to that.

Alex Palou

Given that Palou finished 16th overall in his first full season in IndyCar, there were not a lot of people looking at him as being a potential champion in 2021. He proved them all wrong, though, winning 3 races on his way to a World Championship. He is up among the leaders again this season, but he has some work to do to get back on top. He is still looking for his first win of the season, but since he won this race last year, he might just break that goose egg this weekend.


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