Top NFL Quarterbacks Odds You Can't Miss in the 2024 Season

Top NFL Quarterbacks Odds You Can’t Miss in the 2024 Season

If you look back over the years at the teams that have won the Super Bowl, you tend to find that there is an elite QB under center on the vast majority of those teams.

Sure, there are a couple of outliers, but for the most part, it is clear that the performance of a QB can make or break the season for every team.


My Analysis

At this stage of the proceedings, we all know who the elite guys are in the NFL, with the likes of Mahomes, Rodgers, Jackson, and a couple of others, having already proven that they have what it takes to consistently win in this league. Rather than focusing on them, let’s look at some QBs for the coming season who are going to be in the spotlight for one reason or another.


Caleb Williams, Chicago Bears

It goes without saying that the #1 draft pick in the NFL Draft is going to get a ton of attention, and things are certainly no different this season. Caleb Williams is considered a cannot miss pick for the Bears, but we have heard that a lot in the past, only to see those hyped players stumble and fall right out of the gate. Williams certainly appears to have all the tools, but time will tell.


Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

After years of going with veteran guys at the QB spot, the Colts finally pulled the trigger and drafted a rookie. Unfortunately, we did not get to see a whole lot from Richarson, who went down early last season with a shoulder injury. Word out of Indianapolis is that he is throwing and looks strong, but will he be able to hold up for the entire season.



Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets

The former MVP made the move to the Big Apple last season with hopes of breathing new life back into the Jets. The hope for a big season went out the window on the first offensive series of the year, with Rodgers going down with a season ending injury. Rodgers will be back this season, but that injury and his age may have some fans nervous. We are going to need to wait and see.


Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

There is no denying the talent that Burrow brings to the table in Cincinnati, but the big question is whether his O-Line can protect him and keep him on the field. Burrow saw another season cut short in 2023 due to injury, and it became clear that this team struggles without him on the field.


Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers

After making a much-hyped move from Seattle Denver, Wilson has spent much of the last 2 years being little more than a punching bag for Broncos fans and management. He is probably delighted to now be in Pittsburgh playing for a fan base that is excited to see if he can revive a struggling offense. With 26 TD versus just 8 INT on a bad Broncos team last season, it’s clear that Wilson still has something to offer.


Kirk Cousins, Atlanta Falcons

Cousins has proven his worth over his time in this league with the Minnesota Vikings, although there are still some who believe that he can’t win the big games. He will get a new lease on life in Atlanta, and while the Falcons surprised everyone by drafting a highly-rated QB in the draft, they also made it cleat the Cousins is the man in the ATL.

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