NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News Jimmy G Could Still Go to Seattle, Beckham Jr. Hasn't Sign Yet

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Jimmy G Could Still Go to Seattle, Beckham Jr. Hasn’t Sign Yet

News and rumors involving the NFL never seem to stop. With the first regular season game just four days away, there is a lot happening in the NFL. With some positional battles yet to have a winner, some last-minute signings, and a few rumors thrown in there, we’ve got a lot to cover. Let’s take a look at some of the latest NFL Betting news and rumors involving the National Football League.

The Rumor Mill Never Slows Down | NFL Betting News – Sept. 6th Edition

The Latest New Surrounding Jimmy Garoppolo

The NFL world was stunned when Jimmy Garoppolo took a huge pay cut to stay with the San Francisco 49ers. Knowing that Trey Lance had already been named the starter, many felt that it would be best if Garoppolo moved on. 

One person rumored to be unhappy with the return of Garoppolo was Lance. Lance will now be looking over his shoulder knowing that if he doesn’t play well, there is someone there that can replace him. We’ll see if this has an effect on how Lance plays. 

There are still some people saying that the Seattle Seahawks are still trying to make a deal for Garoppolo. With Seattle starting Geno Smith, and having Drew Lock as a backup, many NFL experts feel that Garoppolo would be a much better option than either one of those two. We’ll see if anything comes of this or not.

Lamar Jackson’s Contract Situation

Lamar Jackson, who is serving as his own agent, had told the Baltimore Ravens that once the season started, there would be nor further contract negotiations. With a few days left until the season starts, we’ll see if there is any movement in the negotiations. Jackson is playing out the fifth-year option of his contract that will pay him just over $23 million this season.

Jackson is looking to sign a deal similar to the one that Deshaun Watson just signed with the Cleveland Browns. Watson got a five-year $230 million fully-guaranteed contract. Even though Watson got this deal, Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray both just signed extensions that won’t pay them what Watson got. 

If Jackson doesn’t get the extension before the season starts, we’ll see if it will have an effect on his style of play. Will he run as much? Will he try to avoid being hit? Will it affect his attitude? These will be things to watch throughout the season.

Where Will Odell Beckham Jr. End Up?

After suffering an ACL injury in the Super Bowl, Odell Beckham has yet to be signed. Beckham has kept his options open, and there have been numerous teams rumored to be interested in his services when he’s able to return. Many are speculating that he’ll be ready to return at some point in October.

The Rams have shown the most interest in Beckham. They want him to return and try to help them make a return trip to the Super Bowl. We don’t know if Beckham will sign with the Rams, or if he’s waiting for a team that has a huge injury to a wide receiver, so they can plug him right in and play. This will be something to keep an eye on throughout the first few weeks of the season.


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