MLB Baltimore Orioles Betting Predictions for the Upcoming 2022 Season

MLB Baltimore Orioles Betting Predictions for the Upcoming 2022 Season

It feels as if the Baltimore Orioles enter every Major League Baseball Season one of the longest shots to win their division, the AL Pennant, and the World Series. So it’s no surprise that the O’s are a massive underdog to win, well, anything in 2022. Check out an odds analysis for the 2022 Baltimore Orioles season so you can plan your bets against their MLB Odds.  

2022 Season: Orioles MLB Betting Predictions

2022 MLB Season 

  • When: March 31 – Nov. 2

Baltimore Orioles to Win the AL East Division +12000 

The odds are high. But extremely high odds aren’t the same as overlay odds. The question is if there’s any value in backing Baltimore at +12000 to win the AL East.

The problem with backing the O’s is that by doing so, we’re going against four teams with postseason aspirations: the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, and Boston Red Sox

Winning the division is going to be very difficult to accomplish. Then again, the Orioles could lock themselves into a division title. Cedric Mullins has become one of the best players in baseball.

John Means is a decent pitcher. Jordan Lyles is going to have to step it up. But, maybe, at +12000 we can convince ourselves he does. There’s some value on Baltimore’s odds to win the AL East. Not a lot, but some. 

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Fair 

Baltimore to Win the American League Pennant  +11000

The odds on the Baltimore Orioles to win the American League Pennant are a tick below the odds on the O’s to win the AL East Division. It’s difficult to understand why.

Perhaps, oddsmakers are thinking that if the Orioles win the AL East, they should have one of the best records in baseball and, therefore, should offer lower odds to win the pennant. In any case, Baltimore should be closer to a +16000 to +20000 choice to win the pennant. 

The Orioles have one terrific player, Mullins, and a single okay starter, Means. +11000 are underlay odds. 

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Underlay  

Orioles to Win the World Series +24000 

Baltimore is one of the longest shots on the board. But even at +24000 odds, it’s difficult to back the Orioles. 

Winning the Fall Classic requires not only winning the pennant, but also beating the other league’s pennant winner. So Baltimore would have to beat teams like the Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox in the AL Playoffs. Then, the O’s would have to best a teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves to win the World Series.

That’s asking a lot for what should be a terrible baseball team. 

Overlay or Underlay Odds: Underlay  

Cedric Mullins to Win AL MVP Award 

Mullins requires help from his teammates to break 100 or more RBIs. If he gets enough help, and raises his batting average above .300 while also hitting over 30 home runs, we can make a case for the MVP to go to Mullins.

But odds on Baltimore’s best player to win the AL MVP have yet to land. Oddsmakers may be hesitant to set odds on Cedric Mullins because they’re not sure what could happen once the players association and MLB reach a new collective-bargaining agreement.

Maybe, Baltimore trades Mullins. In any case, when odds do land, and Mullins is still an Oriole, they’re likely to be overlaid. 

So if you’re a Baltimore fan and want some action on their best player to win the MVP, you should see overlay odds.  

Overlay or Underlay Odds Prediction: Overlay 


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