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MLB Best Series Predictions Of The Week

Written by on August 1, 2016

As we head into yet another week of MLB action, we may have something a little different to look at. The trade deadline is about to pass, and that means that a lot of movement will likely be taking place. A lot of teams are going to look a whole lot different once it’s all said and done, and a few who were on the brink will suddenly be looked at as being potential contenders now. We will have to wait to see how it all plays out, but for now, let’s get things started with our weekly look at the series this week that will be deserving of your wagering dollars. These will be the series that you should be watching on TV, and which you should also be looking at where the betting lines are sitting. Without further ado, let’s get to what I believe are the best series of the week.

Here’s a Closer Look At The MLB Best Series Predictions Of The Week


Yankees versus Mets – Aug 1-4

This 4-game series would be a lot more exciting if both teams were in the thick of the playoff picture, but since we don’t see the two New York squads go head to head very often, it’s still one worth taking a look at. The Yankees are 7 games back in the AL East, and with the trades they have already made, it looks as though they have given up on this season. The New York Mets are 6 back in their division, but are still very much in the Wild Card picture. They could really improve their position with a series win over their city rivals.

Texas at Baltimore – Aug 2-4

It’s always fun when you get a match-up between division leaders, especially when it means that one of those teams could me knocked off their perch by losing the series. The Baltimore Orioles are gamely hanging on to a half game lead in the AL East, so they know that they really need to get something out of this one if they want to still be there at the end of the week. The Texas Rangers are in a much better position, and have opened up a 6-game lead at the top of the West after an impressive sweep of the world champion Kansas City Royals.

San Francisco at Washington – Aug 5-7

This looks like it will be the series to watch over the weekend, as it features a pair of division leaders looking to cement their standings. The Nationals have been very good at home, and the Giants have an excellent road record, but something has to give here. The Nats have a 4.5 game lead in their division, while the Giants remain 2 games up on the Dodgers out west. These two teams recently went head to head in a 4-game series by the bay, which they ended up splitting. Those are just 3 of the great series that we have on tap for this weekend in the MLB. There are many more besides, and you can keep track of all the betting odds here at