A Look at the MLB Betting Favorites to win the 2019 Division Titles.

A Look at the MLB Betting Favorites to win the 2019 Division Titles

Written by on March 26, 2019

The road to the World Series starts with performing well in the division. Winning the division means an automatic spot in the playoffs while finishing second and having a strong season can mean that hope stays alive via the Wild Card. With the 2019 MLB season set to commence in a couple of days, it’s time to look at each of the divisions to see who might prevail, so let’s get right to the MLB betting favorites to win it.

A Look at the MLB Betting Favorites to win the 2019 Division Titles

American League

Central – This might be one of the only no-brainer divisions in all of baseball, as it’s one that is totally dominated by the Cleveland Indians. The Minnesota Twins look like the only team capable of causing any sort of upset here, but that seems pretty slim at best. Cleveland Indians to win.

East – Now we are in a division where things are not quite as straightforward. Last season turned into a 2-horse race early, with the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees going toe to toe from start to finish. We can probably expect a whole lot more of the same here, as those two teams will almost certainly be making a trip to the postseason. The biggest question mark here is in regards who will win and who will be forced to go the Wild Card route. There may well be a bit of a World Series hangover for Boston in the early going, so I’m taking the New York Yankees to win, Boston Red Sox Wild Card.

West – Two years ago, the Houston Astros came out of nowhere to win the World Series, which they followed up with another division win last season. They are the overwhelming favorites to win the West again this season, although with the LA Angels inking Mike Trout to a long-term deal, we could well be looking at a team ready to make a run. With that in mind, I am taking the Houston Astros to win and LA Angels Wild Card.

National League

Central – This may well be the toughest division to predict, as you have three teams with a legitimate shot at winning the Central. The Chicago Cubs are going to be strong again, while the Cardinals made some big offseason moves to strengthen their squad. Let’s not forget about the Milwaukee Brewers, though, as they are coming off a huge season. It’s a tough call but I am taking the St. Louis Cardinals to win and Chicago Cubs Wild Card.

The Cubs are MLB Betting favorites to win their Division in 2019.

East – This is another division that looks to be wide open, with the Miami Marlins the only team that doesn’t look to have any type of shot. The other 4 teams are all very close, which could prove to be an issue. We might get into a dog eat dog situation here where it’s only the division winner who moves on to the postseason. I am taking the Atlanta Braves to win.

West – This is a division that looks set to be a 2-horse race, with the LA Dodgers and Colorado Rockies just that much better than the rest. I am a little concerned about the Dodgers pitching, especially with Clayton Kershaw out to start the season. With that in mind, I am taking the Colorado Rockies to win and LA Dodgers Wild Card.