Early 2020 World Series Odds

Early 2020 World Series Odds

Written by on October 31, 2019

Although the Washington Nationals beat the Houston Astros in the biggest World Series upset in 29 years, 5 teams offer lower odds to win the 2020 World Series than D.C.’s team. Washington is a +1400 choice while the team the Nationals beat is at +400. Check out current early 2020 World Series odds along with analysis!

Early 2020 World Series Odds

  • When: September – October 2020
  • Where: TBD
  • TV: FOX

Odds to Win the 2020 World Series

  • Houston Astros +400
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +500
  • New York Yankees +500
  • Boston Red Sox +1000
  • Atlanta Braves +1000
  • Washington Nationals +1400
  • Cleveland Indians +1400
  • Chicago Cubs +1400
  • Philadelphia Phillies +1600
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1800
  • Louis Cardinals +2000
  • New York Mets +2200
  • Minnesota Twins +2200
  • Oakland Athletics +3000
  • Tampa Bay Rays +3000

Which MLB teams offer the most value right now before free agency to win the 2020 World Series?

Even though they’re a solid second choice at +500, the New York Yankees are poised to win the 2020 World Series. The odds on the Yankees should be somewhere around +300 to +400. At the high-end of their odds is +450. Right now, the Yankees offer much value.

They were a Jose Altuve walk-off home run away from battling the Washington Nationals in this year’s World Series. For most of the season, the Yankees racked up a great record with their ace, Luis Severino, injured. When Severino is one-hundred percent, he’s one of the top pitchers in the American League.

The bullpen is as good as any in MLB right now. No team has as much money to burn as the New York Yankees. They should be in line to sign one of the top free-agent pitchers like Hyun-Jin Ryu, Gerrit Cole, Rick Porcello, or Cole Hamels.

The Yankees only need a starting pitcher to help Severino and Masahiro Tanaka. That’s it. If they get that starter, watch the odds drop from +500 to possibly +250.

Which teams are underlays before free agency to win the 2020 World Series?

Every team outside of the Yankees in the Top 5 is an underlay. Houston is the biggest underlay to win the 2020 World Series. Ace Justin Verlander showed signs of wear and tear. Zack Greinke pitched his heart out on Wednesday night, but he won’t be as sharp in 2020 as he was in 2019. Gerrit Cole should be playing somewhere else next April.

The Dodgers might lose Hyun-Jin Ryu. Even if they don’t, they’ve proven incapable of winning in the post-season.

Boston struggled in 2019. Rick Procello might bounce out of Beantown. Both David Price and Chris Sale must turn around bad years on the mound.

The Atlanta Braves are building a solid squad. But, the odds don’t justify where they are right now in that build.

What +1400 to +2200 odds choice can win the 2020 World Series?

We’ll give you two teams: the Washington Nationals and the Cleveland Indians. The Nationals bring back everybody from this year’s team. The bullpen should be better once Washington signs a couple of relievers. They’re solid to repeat.

The Cleveland Indians struggled because Corey Kluber was hurt. If Kluber comes back successfully from his injury, the Tribe will be tough.

Is there an underdog at +2000 or better odds that has a real shot to win the 2020 World Series?

Tampa Bay has the best bullpen in baseball. The Rays almost pulled off the upset in the ALCS over the Astros. A solid starter, maybe Ryu or Cole, will put Tampa Bay into the thick of the 2020 World Series race.