Johnny Cueto - Top Free Agents MLB Betting Fans Should Know About!

Top Free Agents MLB Betting Fans Should Know About!

Written by on November 2, 2015

Now that the Kansas City Royals have taken the World Series title as MLB betting might have seen yesterday, it’s time to turn our attention to the free agents who will get the most attention (and the most money) in the upcoming free agent market, online betting buffs.

Top Free Agents MLB Betting Fans Should Know About!


David Price

David Price is likely to try to get something more than Clayton Kershaw got at his last extension, which was seven years and $215 million. Kershaw also gets an opt-out that lets him start a new contract when he turns 31. Because Price is already 30, though, that sort of clause probably wouldn’t make sense for him. Down the stretch, Price was terrific for the Blue Jays, taking solid turns in their rotation and helping them nail down the American League East. However, during the playoffs, he didn’t pitch well. He struggled against Texas and again against the Kansas City Royals. Luckily, the Jays were able to bash their way past the Rangers, but they weren’t able to get through the Royals to the World Series. Will this influence his value on the market? It will be interesting to see.

Jason Heyward

Heyward is solid when it comes to both getting on base and hitting the ball with power. He also is strong with his defense. He’s only 26, which means that his entire free-agent contract will likely include prime-age seasons, rather than seeing two or three years at the end when his skills have declined. Even an eight-year contract would only take him through the age of 33-34, which is why he will probably seek a player opt-out clause along the way in case his value goes even higher.

Chris Davis

This is an intriguing case. His defense is suspect, but as long as he stays in the American League, there will be plenty of teams who don’t mind sliding him into the DH spot now and then instead of first base. He did have an off year in 2014, when his tendency to strike out reared its ugly ahead, while his power numbers stayed down. This Jekyll-and-Hyde tendency is one reason why the Texas Rangers didn’t do more to keep him from going to Baltimore in the first place. However, his walks are high enough to give him a decent on-base percentage, and his 2015 power was impressive. He will be looking for a seven-year deal that pays him in the mid $20 million range per season, because he’s a fairly solid bet for more seasons with at least 35 home runs, particularly in the bandbox that is Camden Yards.

Johnny Cueto

Given the fact that Cueto was wildly inconsistent coming down the stretch, it looked like his free agent value would plummet after he came to the American League. After all, lots of National League pitchers have made the jump, only to see their numbers fall off the table, thanks to that pitcher spot in the lineup now being occupied by a powerful designated hitter. However, Cueto finally delivered in the World Series, giving the Royals a masterful performance in Game 2 and getting one of the crucial wins in their five-game victory over the New York Mets.